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Election Officials Call for More Election Funding in Next Stimulus Bill

Local election officials call for more federal funding as coronavirus-related election administration costs spike across the country.

Last Updated: May 13, 2020
Published: March 31, 2020

Dear Leader McCon­nell, Speaker Pelosi, Leader McCarthy and Leader Schu­mer:

As local elec­tion offi­cials, we are on the front lines in the effort to protect every voter and every vote. This year, we face unpre­ced­en­ted chal­lenges in fulfilling our respons­ib­il­it­ies. Due to the current pandemic, primary and local elec­tions across the coun­try have been post­poned and resched­uled. Our colleagues have been forced to make last minute changes to polling places, and conduct elec­tions without suffi­cient staff or poll worker support, as we work to balance public safety and the sacred right to vote.

As this situ­ation unfolds, it is clear that we must act now. We urge you to include substan­tial fund­ing in the coronavirus stim­u­lus pack­age so that we have the abil­ity and resources to ensure that our voters can parti­cip­ate safely and with confid­ence in our elec­tions.

$400 million is a start but it is simply not enough to give all local elec­tion offi­cials the support needed to plan and pay for the changes that will be neces­sary for elec­tions in light of how COVID-19 is creat­ing new norms that cannot be ignored as we continue forward. 

We are commit­ted to protect­ing every voter and every vote. We ask you to increase the elec­tions fund­ing being considered in the current stim­u­lus pack­age to ensure the secur­ity and resi­li­ency of our nation’s elec­tion system. We thank you for your lead­er­ship and part­ner­ship in this diffi­cult time.


Tonnie Adams, Elec­tions Super­visor, Heard County, GA

Karen B. Alex­an­der, Director of Elec­tions, Powhatan, VA

Cathy Darling Allen, Clerk/Regis­trar of Voters, Shasta County, CA

Michelle L. Anza­ldi, Clerk, Pitt­s­field Charter Town­ship, Ann Arbor, MI

Erica Armstrong, Clerk, City of Midland, MI

Court­ney Bailey-Kanelos, Regis­trar of Voters, Sacra­mento County, CA

Jason Baker, Director, Clark County Board of Elec­tions, OH

Tina Barton, City Clerk, Rochester Hills, MI

Christy Bates, Auditor, Keokuk County, IA

Judy A. Bigney, Clerk, Algoma Town­ship, MI

Nan Benson, County Auditor/Recorder, Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Marshall, IA

Susan Bonham, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Harrison County, IA

Lisa Borgacz, Clerk, City of Mount Clem­ens, MI

Cynthia A. Bower, City Clerk, Taylor, MI

Judith Brown, Director of Elec­tions, Loudoun County, VA

Kay Brown, Clerk/Elec­tion Author­ity, Chris­tian County, MO

Duncan Buell, Member, Board of Voter Regis­tra­tion and Elec­tions, Rich­land County, SC

Christina Buie, Clerk, Monroe County, MO

Louise D. Burke, Deputy Clerk, Charter Town­ship of York Washtenaw County, MI

Stephanie Burke, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Mont­gomery County, IA

Julie M. Bustamante, Clerk/Recorder, Lassen County, CA

Sarah J Bydalek, Clerk, City of Walker, MI

Brenda Cabrera, Director of Elec­tions, Fair­fax, VA

Denise Chand­ler, Chair­man of Elect­oral Board, Rappa­han­nock County, VA

Judd Choate, Director of Elec­tions, Color­ado Depart­ment of State

Bill Cowles, Super­visor of Elec­tions, Orange County, FL 

Dustin M. Czarny, Elec­tions Commis­sioner (D) & NYSECA Demo­cratic Caucus chair, Onond­aga County, NY

Cari A. Dauber, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Cedar County, IA

Stephanie R. Daugh­ton, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Decatur County, IA

Dana Debeau­voir, Clerk, Travis County, TX

Lisa Deeley, Phil­adelphia City Commis­sioner, Chair­wo­man, PA

Rhonda R. Deters, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Grundy County, IA

Stephen M. DeWitt, Demo­cratic Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Tomp­kins County, NY

Batina Dodge, Clerk, Scot­land County, MO

Ryan Dokter, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Sioux County, IA

Jill A. Domingo, Clerk, City of Albion, MI

Michelle Dooley, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Wayne County, IA

Valerie Dorn­ber­ger, Clerk/Elec­tion Author­ity, Marion County, MO

Lauri Ealom, Director, Kansas City Board of Elec­tions, MO

Jennifer Edwards, Super­visor of Elec­tions, Collier County, FL

Eric Fey, Director of Elec­tions, St Louis County, MO

Adrian Fontes, Recorder, Mari­copa County, AZ

Kammi Foote, Clerk/Recorder, Inyo County, CA

Denise Fraise, Auditor, Lee County, IA

Kathy Funk, Clerk, Charter Town­ship of Flint, MI

Amber Garman, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Kossuth County, IA

Jennifer Garms, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Clayton County, IA

Mary Gillis, Deputy Clerk, Scio Town­ship, Ann Arbor, MI

Joe P. Gloria, Regis­trar of Voters, Clark County, NV

Jeff Green­burg, Director of Elec­tions, Mercer County, PA

Thad Hall, Elec­tions Director, Coconino County, AZ

Patty Hansen, Coconino County Recorder, Flag­staff, AZ

Ricky Hatch, Clerk/Auditor, Weber County, UT

Lisa Kay Hath­away, Clerk, City of Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Leslie Hoff­man, Recorder, Yavapai County, AZ

Marc Hoff­man, Director of Elec­tions and Voter Regis­trar, City of Fred­er­icks­burg, VA

Deidre B. Holden, Super­visor of Elec­tions and Regis­tra­tion, Pauld­ing County, GA

Evan Hope, Clerk, Delhi Town­ship, MI

Linda Humphrey, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Davis County, IA

Dawn B. Jenkins, General Regis­trar/Director of Elec­tions, West­mo­re­land County, VA

Kelly A Jepsen, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Pocahontas County, IA

Adam John­son, Chief Deputy County Clerk, DuPage County, IL

Karla John­son, Clerk/Auditor, Kane County, UT 

Terri John­son, Auditor, Des Moines County, IA

Toni John­son, Elec­tion Commis­sioner, Hinds County, MS

Jean Kaczmarek, Clerk, DuPage County, IL

Neal Kelley, Regis­trar of Voters, Orange County, CA

Dabney Kirch­man, Vice Chair­man of Elect­oral Board, Rappa­han­nock County, VA

Joseph Kirk, Director of Elec­tions, Bartow County, GA

Sally Krisel, Deputy Director, Hamilton County Board of Elec­tions, OH

Jared W. Kutz, Clerk/Elec­tion Author­ity, Perry County, MO

Katie Lacey, Elec­tion Commis­sioner, Cayuga County, NY

Eric Van Lancker, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Clin­ton County, IA

Cathy Lane, Clerk, Charter Town­ship of Grand Blanc, MI

Lisa Lawitzke, Deputy Clerk, Bellevue Town­ship, MI

Richard LeBlanc, Clerk, City of West­land, MI

Stephanie Lebron, Clerk, Iron County, MO

Brianna Lennon, Clerk, Boone County, MO

Susan Lloyd, County Auditor/Commis­sioner of Elec­tions and ISACA District 3 Pres­id­ent, Buena Vista County, IA

Amber Lopez, Deputy Director, Clark County Board of Elec­tions, OH

Julie L Masters, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Lucas County, IA

Jennifer L. Maynard, Director of Elec­tions and General Regis­trar, City of Frank­lin, VA

Scott A. McDon­ell, Clerk, Dane County, WI

Joel D. Miller, Auditor, Linn County, IA

Kimberly McKi­ernan, VREO Director of Elec­tions, Rappa­han­nock County, VA

Roxanna Moritz, Auditor/Commis­sioner of Elec­tions and Pres­id­ent of the Iowa State Asso­ci­ation of County Audit­ors, Scott County, IA

Jackie Morris, Clerk, Sulli­van County, MO

Miguel J Nunez, Deputy Director of Elec­tions, State of Rhode Island Board of Elec­tions

Bill O’Neill, Regis­trar of Voters, County of El Dorado, CA

Gail L. Pellerin, Clerk, Santa Cruz County, CA

Janice Pock­randt, Deputy City Clerk, Center Line, MI

Sherry Poland, Director, Hamilton County Board of Elec­tions, OH

Robert Rapoza, Exec­ut­ive Director, State of Rhode Island Board of Elec­tions

Gretchen Reine­meyer, Director of Elec­tions, Arling­ton County, VA

Sheila Reitz, Clerk, Town­ship of Buchanan, Berrien County, MI

Allan Richeson, Director of Elec­tions, Prince George County, VA

Greg Rigby, Super­visor of Elec­tions, Carroll County, GA

Sheran Rigg, Assist­ant Regis­trar, Rappa­han­nock County, VA

Rob Rock, Director of Elec­tions, RI Depart­ment of State

Virginia Ross, Recorder, Pinal County, AZ

Melanie D. Ryska, City Clerk, Ster­ling Heights, MI

Amy M. Sathoff, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Emmet County, IA

Kim Schaa, County Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Hamilton County, IA

Shane Schoeller, Clerk, Greene County, MO

Will Senning, Director of Elec­tions and Campaign Finance, VT Secret­ary of State’s Office

Jen Smit, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Lyon County, IA

Bennie Smith, Elec­tion Commis­sioner, Shelby County, TN

Hurley Smith, Secret­ary of Elect­oral Board, Rappa­han­nock County, VA

Kim Smith, Deputy Elec­tions Director, Defi­ance County, OH

Teresa F. Smith­son, General Regis­trar and Director of Elec­tions, Hanover County, VA

Kelly Spur­geon, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Wapello County, IA

Kristen Zebrowski Stav­isky, Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, County of Rock­land Board of Elec­tions, NY

Lawrence S. Stec, Clerk, City of Wyan­dotte, MI

Jessica J. Stohl­mann, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Marengo County, IA

Julia K. Stone­s­treet, Clerk, Spring Arbor Town­ship, MI

Linda Stover, Clerk, Berna­lillo County, NM

Dale Sunder­man, Auditor and Elec­tion Commis­sioner, Cass County, IA

Chris Swope, Clerk, Lans­ing, MI

James Tatum, Judge of Probate of Bullock County, AL

Susette M. Taylor, Clerk/Pres­id­ent Elect of MO Assn. of Counties, Atchison County, MO

Allen P. Tempert, Elec­tions Director, Mohave County, AZ

Diane Thompson, Clerk and Elec­tion Author­ity, John­son County, MO

Rochelle Van Tilburg, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Osceola County, IA 

Traci Vander­Linden, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Warren County, IA

Grace Wach­larow­icz, Director of Elec­tions, City of Minneapolis, MN

Chris Walker, Clerk, Jack­son County, OR

Amanda Waske, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Ring­gold County, IA

Travis Weipert, Auditor, John­son County, IA

Adam Wedmore, Auditor, Cerro Gordo County, IA

Lisa Welch, Director, Holmes County Board of Elec­tions, OH

Melissa Well­hausen, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Page County, IA

Eliza­beth Whitt, Clerk, Conway Town­ship, Living­ston County, MI

Tonya Wich­man, Elec­tions Director, Defi­ance County, OH

Daniel L. Widmer, Auditor and Commis­sioner of Elec­tions, Wash­ing­ton County, IA

Michelle L. Wilcox, Pres­id­ent of the Ohio Asso­ci­ation of Elec­tion Offi­cials, Augla­ize County, OH

Dawn E. Willi­ams, Director of Elec­tions, City of Peters­burg, VA

Sandy Winans, Clerk, Woodhull Town­ship, MI

Maribeth Witzel-Behl, Clerk, City of Madison, WI