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Democracy Agenda

The Brennan Center’s Democracy Agenda outlines a series of concrete proposals that the next president and Congress should embrace to improve democracy in America.

Published: February 4, 2016

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Many Americans are disillusioned with the voting process. The 2014 midterm election saw the lowest voter turnout in seven decades. Entrenched special interests control our politics and average people find it harder than ever to make their voices heard. Crumbling under the weight of antiquated technology and restrictive voting laws, an avalanche of campaign money in the wake of Citizens United, and partisan gerrymandering designed to keep politicians in power, it is clear our democracy is in need of repair.

Where do we start?

On issues ranging from voting rights to money in politics to redistricting, the Brennan Center’s “Democracy Agenda” outlines several steps the next president, Congress, and the states can take to boost participation and make elections more fair for average Americans. Because as the election season unfolds, and the nation chooses its next president, we know there are realistic ways to ensure no American asks “will my voice be heard?” when heading to the polls this November.