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Democracy Agenda

The Brennan Center’s Democracy Agenda outlines a series of concrete proposals that the next president and Congress should embrace to improve democracy in America.

Published: February 4, 2016

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Many Amer­ic­ans are disil­lu­sioned with the voting process. The 2014 midterm elec­tion saw the lowest voter turnout in seven decades. Entrenched special interests control our polit­ics and aver­age people find it harder than ever to make their voices heard. Crum­bling under the weight of anti­quated tech­no­logy and restrict­ive voting laws, an avalanche of campaign money in the wake of Citizens United, and partisan gerry­man­der­ing designed to keep politi­cians in power, it is clear our demo­cracy is in need of repair.

Where do we start?

On issues ranging from voting rights to money in polit­ics to redis­trict­ing, the Bren­nan Center’s “Demo­cracy Agenda” outlines several steps the next pres­id­ent, Congress, and the states can take to boost parti­cip­a­tion and make elec­tions more fair for aver­age Amer­ic­ans. Because as the elec­tion season unfolds, and the nation chooses its next pres­id­ent, we know there are real­istic ways to ensure no Amer­ican asks “will my voice be heard?” when head­ing to the polls this Novem­ber.