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Comments to Law Enforcement Equipment Working Group

The Brennan Center submitted comments on upcoming recommendations to harmonize federal law enforcement controlled equipment programs for consistent and transparent policies.

Published: March 6, 2015

The Brennan Center submitted comments to be considered in the recommendations of the Law Enforcement Equipment Working Group. Established by Executive Order January 16, 2015, the Working Group will make recommendations to ensure that law enforcement agencies are properly trained to employ the controlled equipment they acquire, adopt practices and standards that prevent the misuse or abuse of equipment, and comply with civil rights requirements resulting from receipt of Federal financial assistance.

In the following comments, the Brennan Center provides recommendations to harmonize federal programs in order to provide them with consistent and transparent policies with respect to the acquisition of controlled equipment by law enforcement agencies.

Specifically, the Brennan Center recommend that the Working Group do the following:

  • Applying Success-Oriented Funding to federal equipment acquisition programs
  • Applying Success-Oriented Funding to the Byrne JAG Program

Download [PDF]

Brennan Center Comments to Equipment Working Group 030215