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Buying Time 2022 – New Mexico

This page features New Mexico Supreme Court television advertisements from the 2022 election cycle.

Published: September 28, 2022

In November 2022, two seats on the New Mexico Supreme Court are up for partisan election. Incumbent Justice Julie Vargas (D) will compete with Thomas Montoya (R). Incumbent Justice Briana Zamora (D) will compete with Kerry Morris (R). There were no contested primary elections for the New Mexico Supreme Court this year. In addition, Justice Michael Vigil (D) will appear on the ballot in a retention election.

Kantar Media/CMAG: Estimated Total TV Spending: $84,850*

  • Estimated spending by Thomas Montoya: $13,670
  • Estimated spending by Kerry Morris: $14,050
  • Estimated spending by Briana Zamora: $33,380
  • Estimated spending by Julie Vargas: $23,750

*Spending figures last updated November 7, 2022.


October 18 – NM Vargas Bullied

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In this ad, a voiceover says, “on our Supreme Court, she [Vargas] upgraded GPS monitoring of criminal defendants. Now it’s 24/7. And Julie stopped wealthy landowners from restricting the public’s access to water.”

Sponsor: Julie Vargas

Estimated Spending: $23,750

October 12 – NM Zamora Move Up in Life

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In this ad, Briana Zamora says, “In thirteen years on the bench, I’ve worked my way up to serve at every level of New Mexico’s court system”

Sponsor: Briana Zamora

Estimated Spending: $33,380

September 28 – NM Morris Heart for Helping People

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In this ad, Kerry Morris says, “I will bring balance and 41 years of legal experience to the court.”

Sponsor: Kerry Morris

Estimated Spending: $14,050

September 27 – NM Montoya Deep Roots

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In this ad, Thomas Montoya says, "I’m running for the New Mexico Supreme Court because I’m committed to making legal decisions based on the law, not politics.

Sponsor: Thomas Montoya

Estimated Spending: $13,670