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Buying Time 2019 – Kentucky

This page features Kentucky Supreme Court television advertisements from the 2019 election cycle.

Published: November 4, 2019

Two candidates will compete in the 2019 special election for the seat of retired Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Bill Cunningham. In Kentucky, justices are chosen in nonpartisan elections and serve for eight-year terms. Kentucky Court of Appeals Judge Christopher “Shea” Nickell and Republican State Senator Whitney Westerfield competed in the election on November 5th, and Nickell won the seat.

Kantar Media/CMAG: Estimated Total TV Spending: $64,790*

  • Estimated spending by Christopher “Shea” Nickell: $39,150
  • Estimated spending by Whitney Westerfield: $25,640

*Spending figures last updated November 6, 2019

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October 19 – KY Nickell Eagle Scout

Stream video (QT)

Shea Nickell practices lessons he “learned as an eagle scout” including being a “pro-life Christian, fiscal conservative, [and] tough prosecutor protecting victims.”

Sponsor: Christopher “Shea” Nickell

Estimated Spending: $18,160

October 22 – KY Westerfield Currently Serve

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In this ad, Whitney Westerfield says that he “will be a constitutional conservative that follows the law and doesn’t try to legislate form the bench.”

Sponsor: Whitney Westerfield

Estimated Spending: $25,640

October 27 – KY Nickell School Teacher Parents

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This ad says that Shea Nickell was “taught conservative values” by his schoolteacher parents and that he is the “only candidate with experience as a judge.”

Sponsor: Christopher “Shea” Nickell

Estimated Spending: $20,990