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Buying Time 2019 – Kentucky

This page features Kentucky Supreme Court television advertisements from the 2019 election cycle.

Published: November 4, 2019

Two candid­ates will compete in the 2019 special elec­tion for the seat of retired Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Bill Cunning­ham. In Kentucky, justices are chosen in nonpar­tisan elec­tions and serve for eight-year terms. Kentucky Court of Appeals Judge Chris­topher “Shea” Nick­ell and Repub­lican State Senator Whit­ney West­er­field competed in the elec­tion on Novem­ber 5th, and Nick­ell won the seat.

Kantar Media/CMAG: Estim­ated Total TV Spend­ing: $64,790*

  • Estim­ated spend­ing by Chris­topher “Shea” Nick­ell: $39,150
  • Estim­ated spend­ing by Whit­ney West­er­field: $25,640

*Spend­ing figures last updated Novem­ber 6, 2019

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Octo­ber 19 – KY Nick­ell Eagle Scout

Stream video (QT)

Shea Nick­ell prac­tices lessons he “learned as an eagle scout” includ­ing being a “pro-life Chris­tian, fiscal conser­vat­ive, [and] tough prosec­utor protect­ing victims.”

Spon­sor: Chris­topher “Shea” Nick­ell

Estim­ated Spend­ing: $18,160

Octo­ber 22 – KY West­er­field Currently Serve

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In this ad, Whit­ney West­er­field says that he “will be a consti­tu­tional conser­vat­ive that follows the law and does­n’t try to legis­late form the bench.”

Spon­sor: Whit­ney West­er­field

Estim­ated Spend­ing: $25,640

Octo­ber 27 – KY Nick­ell School Teacher Parents

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This ad says that Shea Nick­ell was “taught conser­vat­ive values” by his school­teacher parents and that he is the “only candid­ate with exper­i­ence as a judge.”

Spon­sor: Chris­topher “Shea” Nick­ell

Estim­ated Spend­ing: $20,990