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Buying Time 2014

The Brennan Center continues its groundbreaking work analyzing state supreme court campaign advertisements in the 2014 election cycle.

Published: October 20, 2014

During the 2014 elec­tion cycle, the Bren­nan Center for Justice will release tele­vi­sion advert­ise­ments and spend­ing figures for this year’s state supreme court elec­tions. Since 2000, the Bren­nan Center has been using this inform­a­tion to publish compre­hens­ive analyses of special interest money and tele­vi­sion spend­ing in judi­cial elec­tions. These analyses have culmin­ated in seven iter­a­tions of the New Polit­ics of Judi­cial Elec­tions report series: 2000200220042006Decade Report2009–10, and 2011–12.  

This year’s advert­ise­ments are avail­able for view­ing on the web and as story­boards. The story­boards contain screen captures of the ads at timed inter­vals, along with complete text. TV ads and story­boards are provided by the Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG). 

A compre­hens­ive list of all contested and reten­tion elec­tions taking place Novem­ber 4 can be found here

State Break­downs

Arkan­sas | Idaho | Illinois | Michigan | MontanaNorth Caro­lina    Ohio | Tennessee | Texas

Real Time Analysis 

Through­out the elec­tion season the Bren­nan Center issued a series of analyses focused on judi­cial elec­tion spend­ing 


All data on ad airings and spend­ing on ads are calcu­lated and prepared by Kantar Media/CMAG, which captures satel­lite data in the nation’s largest media markets. CMAG’s estim­ates do not reflect ad agency commis­sions or the costs of produ­cing advert­ise­ments, nor do they reflect the cost of ad buys on local cable chan­nels. Cost estim­ates are revised by Kantar Media/CMAG when it receives updated data, result­ing in some fluc­tu­ations in the repor­ted ad spend­ing.