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Buying Time 2012: Florida

This page features Florida judicial ads of 2012.

Published: October 9, 2012

For inform­a­tion on Flor­id­a’s spend­ing, and all other tele­vi­sion spend­ing in state supreme court races, click here.

In Flor­ida, three justices on the Supreme Court were up for reten­tion in 2012. Reten­tion elec­tions in Flor­ida are rarely contro­ver­sial or expens­ive, and no one has been removed under Flor­id­a’s reten­tion system in the past 40 years. However, this year, the three justices – Barbara Pari­ente, Peggy Quince, and R. Fred Lewis – faced an anti-reten­tion campaign that drew support from a number of groups, includ­ing the state Repub­lican Party and Amer­ic­ans for Prosper­ity. The three justices in ques­tion were the only Demo­crats sitting on the state’s highest bench. In response, a group called Defend Justice from Polit­ics spent more than $3.1 million to support the reten­tion of these three justices. In the entire 2000–2009 decade, only $7,500 was spent on Flor­ida Supreme Court races. 

All three justices were retained in the Novem­ber 6 elec­tion.

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Octo­ber 2012 – Health­care Free­dom

An ad sponsored by Amer­ic­ans for Prosper­ity – Flor­ida Chapter focus­ing on health­care free­dom.

Octo­ber 9, 2012 – Power Grab

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An ad sponsored by Defend Justice From Polit­ics on the politi­ciz­a­tion of courts.


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