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Advocates for a Fair Count

A list of organizations that support a fair and accurate count.

Published: April 17, 2018

Asian Amer­ic­ans Advan­cing Justice (AAJC): AAJC advoc­ates for the nation’s Asian Amer­ican and Pacific Islander communit­ies. AAJC’s site hosts fact sheets, news updates, policy recom­mend­a­tions, and issue briefs about the 2020 census to help increase Asian-Amer­ican parti­cip­a­tion in census surveys.

The Lead­er­ship Confer­ence on Civil and Human Rights: The Lead­er­ship Confer­ence is a broad coali­tion of national organ­iz­a­tions that promotes and protects civil and human rights in the United States. Along with its research and educa­tion arm—the Educa­tion Fund—the Lead­er­ship Confer­ence issues press state­ments, policy letters, fact sheets, and toolkits to help advoc­ates educate their constitu­ents on the import­ance of the 2020 Census.

Mexican Amer­ican Legal Defense and Educa­tional Fund (MALDEF): MALDEF is the nation’s lead­ing Latino legal civil rights organ­iz­a­tion. MALDEF promotes social change through advocacy, commu­nic­a­tions, community educa­tion, and parti­cip­ates in litig­a­tion efforts to chal­lenge the proposed citizen­ship ques­tion to the 2020 Census.

NALEO Educa­tional Fund: NALEO Educa­tional Fund promotes Latino parti­cip­a­tion in the Amer­ican polit­ical process, includ­ing the census. NALEO leads advocacy efforts to over­come obstacles to reach­ing hard-to-count popu­la­tions and produces fact sheets and webinars aimed at explain­ing the signi­fic­ance of the census to partic­u­lar states and communit­ies.

Funders’ Commit­tee for Civic Parti­cip­a­tion (FCCP): FCCP is a network of phil­an­thropic groups dedic­ated to enhan­cing demo­cratic and civic engage­ment for histor­ic­ally disen­fran­chised and under­rep­res­en­ted communit­ies. FCCP’s Funders Census Initi­at­ive 2020 provides fact sheets, policy updates, reports, and present­a­tions to advise funders on how best to promote a fair and accur­ate census.