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Absentee Ballots Legislation in the 111th Congress

Published: October 19, 2009
Bill No.Short TitleSponsorsDate IntroducedRelated BillsDescription
H.R. 1604 Universal Right to Vote by Mail Act of 2009 [view bill text]Rep. Davis and 50 co-sponsors [view all]March 19, 2009 [view status]N/AThis bill would require states to allow all voters to cast mail-in ballots for any reason.
H.R. 2510Absentee Ballot Track, Receive, and Confirm Act [view bill text]Rep. Davis and 4 co-sponsors [view all]May 20, 2009 [view status]N/AThis bill would amend the Help America Vote Act of 2002 to direct the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to reimburse a state for the costs incurred in establishing, if the state so chooses, an absentee ballot tracking program for federal elections.