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Gonzalez v. Arizona

Published: November 29, 2006

On Novem­ber 29. 2006, the Bren­nan Center filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Gonza­lez v. Arizona chal­len­ging Propos­i­tion 200’s provi­sions that require applic­ants to present docu­ment­ary proof of citizen­ship as a condi­tion for voter regis­tra­tion. In its amicus brief, the Bren­nan Center argued that Arizon­a’s interest in prevent­ing voting by non-citizens does not justify disen­fran­chising thou­sands of voters by impos­ing the burdens of docu­ment­ary proof of citizen­ship required by Propos­i­tion 200. The Bren­nan Center’s brief cites evid­ence of substan­tial popu­la­tion­s—as many as millions of Amer­ic­ans—who don’t have ready access to the docu­ment­a­tion required and evid­ence that voting by non-citizens is a rare and isol­ated occur­rence. Addi­tion­ally, the brief notes the determ­in­a­tions of Congress and 48 other states that provi­sions like Propos­i­tion 200’s docu­ment­a­tion require­ment are unne­ces­sary and unreas­on­able.

All legal docu­ments related to the case can be found here