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Overwhelming Support for Democracy Reform

The results of the 2018 midterm elections signal clear public demand: the time to revitalize our democracy is now. Candidates across the country won elected office on platforms promising an end to corruption and a real right to vote, and H.R. 1 is their chance to deliver.

  • Brennan Center for Justice
August 12, 2019

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  • Voters Rate Political Corruption as America's Biggest CrisisReal Clear Politics, Apr. 25, 2019
    • 53% of voters believe that political corruption is a crisis, while another 36% called political corruption a significant problem
    • Voters are more likely to rate political corruption as a crisis than illegal immigration, government deficits, global warming, poverty, or economic inequality
    • 82% of voters believe that top leaders of federal regulatory agencies use their positions to pursue personal agendas
    • 54% of voters believe their own Congressional representatives trade votes for cash
  • How Should Presidential Campaigns Be Regulated?Center for Public Integrity, Feb. 18, 2019
    • 88% say that political TV ads should be required to say who paid for the ad
    • 87% agree that online political ads should be required to say who paid for the ad
    • 88% agree that political groups should have to disclose all their funders in a timely fashion
  • First Agenda Item for Congressional Majority: Ending the Culture of Corruption in WashingtonEnd Citizens United, Nov. 19, 2018
    • A poll of voters in competitive districts in 2018 found that “ending the culture of corruption in Washington” was “very important” to 75% of all voters, and 75% of independent voters
    • 82% of voters support the idea that Congress should “stop corruption with tougher ethics rules, ensuring the protection of voting rights, and cracking down on special interest money in politics.” Among independents, support was at 84%
    • When presented with a choice between a reform agenda (focusing on money in politics) and other legislation as a first priority for the new Congress, voters chose money in politics by a 52-43 margin; among independents, the margin was 56-39
  • Majority Says Election Day Should be a Federal Holiday, Poll FindsHill.TV, Nov. 6, 2018
  • National Tracking PollPolitico, Nov. 2-4, 2018
    • 77% of registered voters said that “passing an anti-corruption bill that would rein in the influence of money and lobbying in Washington” was an important or top priority for Congress after the midterm elections.
  • Elections in America: Concerns Over Security, Divisions Over Expanding Access to VotingPew Research Center, Oct. 29, 2018
    • 67% of Americans say it is likely Russia or other foreign governments will try to influence midterm elections
    • Only 45% are confident that election systems are secure from hacking
  • Corruption in Washington is a Top Concern for Voters, WSJ/NBC News Poll showsWall Street Journal, Sep. 24, 2018
  • Poll: Voters say Corruption the Most Important 2018 TopicFox News, Sep. 5, 2018
    • More voters (30%) called “corruption in Washington” the most important issue than any other issue that was polled
    • Corruption in Washington was within the top three issues for Democratic, Republican, and Independent voters
    • Corruption was a top issue among voters in battleground areas (those with competitive elections) as well as among voters generally
  • The Public, the Political System and American DemocracyPew Research Center, Apr. 26, 2018
    • 77% of Americans support limits on the amount of money individuals and organizations can spend on political campaigns, and 65% say new laws could be effective in reducing the role of money in politics.
    • 90% of voters say its very important that elections are free from tampering. 83% say it is very important that no eligible voters are prevented from voting.
  • Nearly Two-Thirds of Young Americans Fearful About the Future of Democracy in America, Harvard Youth Poll Finds, Harvard Institute of Politics, Apr. 11, 2018
    • 68% of all respondents and 77 % of likely voter respondents in a poll of Americans aged 18-29 said that money in politics was responsible for problems in American politics and society today.

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