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Law Enforcement Officials Lend Their Support For Voting Rights Restoration

June 8, 2007

On June 8, the Brennan Center for Justice convened 20 law enforcement leaders from across the country to discuss their support for restoring voting rights for people with felony convictions. Participants included American Correctional Association Executive Director James Gondles, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, and Miami Police Chief John Timoney, among many others.

The law enforcement officials began the day (view agenda) with an examination of the arguments in favor of re-enfranchisement, and focused on how voting aids successful reintegration and promotes public safety. In the afternoon, participants outlined a plan for broader law enforcement participation in campaigns to reform disenfranchisement laws.

The voice of law enforcement officials will continue to support the call for voting rights restoration, as many of the participants agreed to become charter members of a new Law Enforcement Advisory Board to the Brennan Center’s Right to Vote project.