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Habeas & SCOTUS

(Updated) Analysis of the Court decisions continues to roll in. Listen to Slate’s Bazelon on the Brian Lehrer show, Nina Totenberg on NPR, read the Times reaction…

  • Thaddeus Kromelis
June 12, 2008

Just some bits regarding the Boumediene & Omar and Munaf decisions…

Emily Bazelon, senior editor of Slate Magazine, talks about this morning’s Supreme Court decision granting habeas rights to Guantánamo Bay detainees on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show. 

Link here if you can’t stream audio…

SCOTUS blog reaction to Boumediene can be found here.

A good report from Nina Totenberg on “the end of Guantanamo as we know it” for NPR’s All Things Considered here.

David Stout in the NY Times

Here’s the Washington Post's afternoon story by Robert Barnes and Dan Eggen, includes AP video.