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Federal Funds for Election Security in FY2020 Budget Legislation, by State

A breakdown by state of the $425 million allocated for election security in Congress’s FY2020 budget legislation

  • Brennan Center for Justice
  • Verified Voting
December 17, 2019
Contact: Rebecca Autrey, Media Contact,, 202-753-5904

[This analysis was done in collab­or­a­tion with Veri­fied Voting.]

Under the terms of the FY2020 budget deal, states will receive $425 million within months to start to strengthen the secur­ity of our nation’s elec­tion infra­struc­ture. This near-term fund­ing is the product of tire­less work by a cross-partisan coali­tion of advoc­ates and their support­ers in Congress, as well as a crit­ical acknow­ledg­ment from Congress that protect­ing our elec­tions is a matter of national secur­ity. However, the fund­ing is only a first step, as many in Congress have acknow­ledged, and further action from Congress, the states and local elec­tion offi­cials will be neces­sary in order to ensure that future elec­tions are secure.

In addi­tion to the need to build robust resi­li­ency plans in case of a success­ful hack, the Bren­nan Center has iden­ti­fied four elec­tion secur­ity needs that deserve partic­u­lar atten­tion: cyber­se­cur­ity support for under-resourced local elec­tion juris­dic­tions; replace­ment and upgrades to elec­tion-related computer systems and websites, partic­u­larly those related to voter regis­tra­tion; replace­ment of anti­quated and insec­ure voting machines; and imple­ment­a­tion of robust post-elec­tion tabu­la­tion audits to check that the paper ballots were coun­ted accur­ately. We’ve estim­ated the nation­wide five-year cost for these basic secur­ity items to be a net total of approx­im­ately $2.153 billion.

Expec­ted New Fund­ing

The new federal funds will be distrib­uted to states accord­ing to a formula from HAVA, taking into account the voting age popu­la­tion of each state. We estim­ate that states will receive the follow­ing amounts. These figures do not include the 20 percent match that the FY2020 budget pack­age requires states to contrib­ute to their own elec­tion secur­ity needs.

State Expec­ted Fund­ing (in millions)
Alabama $6.9
Alaska $3.0
Arizona $8.4
Arkan­sas $5.0
Cali­for­nia $39.0
Color­ado $7.1
Connecti­cut $5.8
Delaware $3.0
District of Columbia $3.0
Flor­ida $21.6
Geor­gia $11.6
Hawaii $3.5
Idaho $3.6
Illinois $14.9
Indi­ana $8.5
Iowa $5.2
Kansas $4.9
Kentucky $6.5
Louisi­ana $6.6
Maine $3.5
Mary­land $7.9
Massachu­setts $8.9
Michigan $12.1
Minnesota $7.4
Missis­sippi $5.0
Missouri $8.1
Montana $3.1
Nebraska $3.9
Nevada $4.8
New Hamp­shire $3.5
New Jersey $11.0
New Mexico $4.1
New York $22.0
North Caro­lina $11.7
North Dakota $3.0
Ohio $13.7
Oklahoma $5.8
Oregon $6.0
Pennsylvania $15.2
Rhode Island $3.2
South Caro­lina $6.8
South Dakota $3.0
Tennessee $8.5
Texas $26.2
Utah $4.6
Vermont $3.0
Virginia $10.2
Wash­ing­ton $8.9
West Virginia $4.0
Wiscon­sin $7.8
Wyom­ing $3.0
Puerto Rico $4.1
Guam $0.6
Amer­ican Samoa $0.6
Common­wealth of the North­ern Mari­ana Islands $0.6
United States Virgin Islands $0.6
Total $425.0