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Election Officials Voice Support For Brennan Center Report

Release from the Ohio Association of Election Officials, cross-posted on the Brennan Center web site.

April 8, 2009

Press release from the Ohio Association of Election Officials.

April 8, 2009 CONTACT: Aaron Ockerman

COLUMBUS, OH – The Ohio Association of Election Officials today commended Larry Norden for his thorough and inclusive compilation of all views expressed on the scheduled topics at the December 2008 and March 2009 Elections Summits.

According to OAEO President, Marilyn Jacobcik, “The Ohio Association of Election Officials supports Norden’s conclusions in the executive summary to his final report on the summits.”

The association concurs with the report’s identification of several broad categories of elections administration, which are ripe for review and reform prior to the 2010 election year, and that the framework detailed in the executive summary should serve as the basis for the future of election reforms in Ohio.

OAEO First Vice President Jeanette Mullane stated, “We look forward to reviewing all proposed legislation, administrative rules, and permanent directives to offer the views of Ohio’s election professionals prior to enactment. Only by working together can we ensure successful elections administration guaranteeing that all eligible individuals are able to exercise their right to vote without undue burden while ensuring that ineligible individuals are prohibited or prevented from voting.”

The Ohio Association of Election Officials is a bipartisan organization representing the members of Ohio’s 88 county boards of election, their directors and deputy directors. OAEO is a professional organization dedicated to the training and education of its members, thus ensuring fair and accurate elections for all Ohioans. Marilyn Jacobcik is Deputy Director of the Lorain County Board of Elections. Jeanette Mullane is Director of the Stark County Board of Elections.