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Daniel Franklin: Technology, Democracy and the World of Tomorrow

Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor of The Economist, joins Faiza Patel to discuss rapid technological change and what it may mean for our jobs, our lives, and our world.

  • Brennan Center for Justice
September 13, 2017

Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor of The Economist and editor of the new book Megatech: Technology in 2050 joined the Brennan Center for Justice’s Faiza Patel for a spirited discussion about the warped speed of change ahead.   They discussed how the rapid technology that is being developed could affect our democracy, the economy and privacy as we know it. They pondered the tools – including “killer robots” – that the military and police will have and who might control them. Listen to the big ideas, fantastic inventions and potentially sinister trends that could shape our future opportunities and the possible dangers ahead.

Listen to the discussion below [skip to 7:20 to jump to the start of the conversation]