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Colorado Governor Signs Bill Modernizing Elections

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill to modernize and improve Colorado’s voting system, adding Colorado to a growing list of states expanding voting rights across the country.

May 10, 2013

Gov. John Hick­en­looper signed a bill to modern­ize and improve Color­ado’s voting system today, adding Color­ado to a grow­ing list of states expand­ing voting rights across the coun­try. Bren­nan Center lead­ing voting expert Myrna Pérez is avail­able for your cover­age of Color­ado’s new law and the emer­ging trend of bills expand­ing voting access, which are coun­ter­ing the push to restrict rights.

Color­ado’s Voter Access and Modern­ized Elec­tions Act includes a number of provi­sions to make it easier to register and vote:

  • Elec­tion Day regis­tra­tion: Voters can sign up to vote on Elec­tion Day, which leads to higher regis­tra­tion rates and turnout.
  • Port­able regis­tra­tion: Ensures a voter can still cast a ballot that will count, even when they move.
  • Modern­iz­a­tion Task Force: This bipar­tisan task force will study voting changes and pave the way for future reforms.
  • “Inact­ive – Failed to Vote” Status: Elim­in­ates this prob­lem­atic status, which led to voters being denied ballots in certain elec­tions simply because they failed to vote a single time.

The Color­ado County Clerks Asso­ci­ation — the offi­cials who actu­ally run elec­tions, and come from both polit­ical parties — worked with lawmakers, community groups, and elec­tion offi­cials to hammer out this comprom­ise bill.

“Color­ado’s improved voting law is a common-sense step to modern­ize elec­tions,” said Myrna Pérez, deputy director of the Bren­nan Center’s Demo­cracy Program. “After years of back­slid­ing, more and more states are embra­cing free, fair, and access­ible elec­tions. We applaud county clerks of both polit­ical parties who worked to make elec­tions simpler and more consist­ent for voters.”

Pérez recently appeared on All In with Chris Hayes and the Melissa Harris-Perry show. To sched­ule an inter­view, please contact Erik Opsal at 646–292–8356 or

Updated 05/10/13