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Colorado Governor Signs Bill Modernizing Elections

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill to modernize and improve Colorado’s voting system, adding Colorado to a growing list of states expanding voting rights across the country.

May 10, 2013

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill to modernize and improve Colorado’s voting system today, adding Colorado to a growing list of states expanding voting rights across the country. Brennan Center leading voting expert Myrna Pérez is available for your coverage of Colorado’s new law and the emerging trend of bills expanding voting access, which are countering the push to restrict rights.

Colorado’s Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act includes a number of provisions to make it easier to register and vote:

  • Election Day registration: Voters can sign up to vote on Election Day, which leads to higher registration rates and turnout.
  • Portable registration: Ensures a voter can still cast a ballot that will count, even when they move.
  • Modernization Task Force: This bipartisan task force will study voting changes and pave the way for future reforms.
  • “Inactive – Failed to Vote” Status: Eliminates this problematic status, which led to voters being denied ballots in certain elections simply because they failed to vote a single time.

The Colorado County Clerks Association — the officials who actually run elections, and come from both political parties — worked with lawmakers, community groups, and election officials to hammer out this compromise bill.

“Colorado’s improved voting law is a common-sense step to modernize elections,” said Myrna Pérez, deputy director of the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program. “After years of backsliding, more and more states are embracing free, fair, and accessible elections. We applaud county clerks of both political parties who worked to make elections simpler and more consistent for voters.”

Pérez recently appeared on All In with Chris Hayes and the Melissa Harris-Perry show. To schedule an interview, please contact Erik Opsal at 646–292–8356 or

Updated 05/10/13