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Press Release

California Voters Approve Prop. 17, Restoring Voting Rights to People Who Have Completed Prison Terms

Vote is latest victory in movement to restore the right to vote to people with past convictions.

November 4, 2020
Contact: Julian Brookes, Media Contact,, 646-292-8376

For Imme­di­ate Release:
Novem­ber 4, 2020

SACRA­MENTO, CA – In a major victory for demo­cracy and the national move­ment to restore the right to vote to Amer­ic­ans with convic­tions, millions of Cali­for­nia voters today approved Propos­i­tion 17, which restores the right to vote to nearly 50,000 fellow Cali­for­ni­ans who have completed their prison terms. 

“Millions of Cali­for­ni­ans voted to welcome their fellow citizens into our demo­cracy,” said Sean Morales-Doyle, exec­ut­ive commit­tee member of the Yes On Prop 17 campaign and deputy director of the Voting Rights and Elec­tions Program at the Bren­nan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law. “They put an end to a discrim­in­at­ory policy that disen­fran­chised their neigh­bor­s—a dispro­por­tion­ate number of whom are Black, Latino, and Asian Amer­ican. We’re excited for the momentum Prop 17’s approval will carry to the 30 other states that bar citizens living in the community from voting due to past convic­tions.”

“This is a victory for demo­cracy and justice,” said Taina Vargas-Edmond, exec­ut­ive chair of the Yes On Prop 17 campaign and co-founder and exec­ut­ive director of Initi­ate Justice. “For far too long, Black and brown Cali­for­ni­ans have been excluded from our demo­cracy. Today, Cali­for­nia voters defin­it­ively righted a historic wrong. I’ll forever remem­ber the phone call I received in 2017 from Rahsaan Thomas in San Quentin State Prison – who made it clear to me then, and has since made it clear to all Cali­for­ni­ans, that the first step to empower­ing people impacted by mass incar­cer­a­tion is to restore their right to vote. We’re grate­ful to the hundreds of organ­iz­a­tions and indi­vidu­als who suppor­ted this campaign, and to the millions of Cali­for­nia voters who sent a clear message that our demo­cracy needs every­one. 50,000 Cali­for­ni­ans now have their right­ful say in our demo­cracy.”

“Today marks the begin­ning of a new day for 50,000 Cali­for­nia citizens, and a fresh slate for the state of Cali­for­nia,” said Shay Franco-Clausen, campaign manager of the Yes On Prop 17 campaign. “We’re proud of the campaign that we ran – a campaign that was truly by and for the tens of thou­sands of Cali­for­ni­ans who had been disen­fran­chised.”

“Our coun­try boasts that its citizens have a direct distinct voice in the conver­sa­tion about its future,” said Jose Grano Gonza­lez, a Los Angeles resid­ent whose right to vote is now restored with the approval of Propos­i­tion 17. “And now thanks to millions of Cali­for­nia voters, today we are that much closer to achiev­ing that real­ity. This is a victory not just for me, but for my family, for our demo­cracy, and for the future of our coun­try. I’m grate­ful to the millions of my fellow Cali­for­ni­ans who used their voice, and voted to ensure that mine can be heard, too”

“With the passage of Prop 17, Cali­for­nia voters have delivered a resound­ing victory for voting rights and for the rights of the formerly incar­cer­ated,” said Abdi Soltani, exec­ut­ive commit­tee member of the Yes On Prop 17 campaign and exec­ut­ive director of the ACLU of North­ern Cali­for­nia.

“Cali­for­ni­ans voted to restore dignity, hope and a voice to communit­ies like mine,” said Veron­ica Hernan­dez, a San Fran­cisco resid­ent whose right to vote is now restored with the approval of Propos­i­tion 17. “I’ve worked with at-risk youth in my neigh­bor­hood to help show them that they do matter and that there is hope for the future. Millions of Cali­for­nia voters rein­forced that message and showed count­less Cali­for­ni­ans that their voice does count in their demo­cracy.”

“Thank you to the millions of Cali­for­ni­ans who voted to move us closer to a more inclus­ive demo­cracy,” said Esteban Nuñez, exec­ut­ive commit­tee member of the Yes On Prop 17 campaign and director of advocacy at the Anti-Recidiv­ism Coali­tion. “As someone who was disen­fran­chised because of a convic­tion, I know the power of this restor­a­tion. With this historic victory, 50,000 Cali­for­ni­ans will be seen and heard more fully as members of our communit­ies.”

“I can now look at my fellow return­ing citizens who I mentor on a daily basis and tell them sincerely that they matter,” said Niki Martinez, a San Diego resid­ent whose right to vote is now restored with the approval of Propos­i­tion 17. “Another barrier to the success­ful reentry of 50,000 Cali­for­nia citizens into soci­ety has been torn down. Our voices in our demo­cracy do matter. I am so grate­ful, and I cannot wait to cast my vote for the first time in the next elec­tion, and in every elec­tion that comes after it.”

“The power of the vote was ripped away from tens of thou­sands of my broth­ers and sisters, and thanks to millions of Cali­for­nia voters that power has been right­fully returned,” said Betty McKay, a Bay Area resid­ent whose right to vote is now restored with the approval of Propos­i­tion 17. “We sent an unequi­vocal message: that our voices matter and that our demo­cracy needs every­one. Thank you to all the people who suppor­ted Prop 17, and who made this victory possible!”

“There are millions of people across this coun­try who desper­ately want to parti­cip­ate in our demo­cracy, but have been shut out because of racist and unjust laws,” said Brett Shears, exec­ut­ive commit­tee member of the Yes On Prop 17 campaign and founder of Vote Allies. “Thank­fully, Cali­for­nia voters rejec­ted the status quo and opened the door to 50,000 of their neigh­bors by passing Prop 17. This bold action signals hope­ful change is on the hori­zon. Our message to all the people for whom demo­cracy is still out of reach: we see you, we hear you, and we’ll continue to fight for you.”

“Thank you for restor­ing the hope by restor­ing OUR right to vote,” said John Wind­ham, a Water­ford resid­ent whose right to vote is now restored with the approval of Propos­i­tion 17.

Cali­for­nia now joins 19 other states and Wash­ing­ton, D.C. in includ­ing all citizens who have completed their prison terms in their demo­cracy.

Propos­i­tion 17’s approval comes after months protests demand­ing racial justice, as the nation contin­ues to reckon with systemic racism and discrim­in­a­tion. The meas­ure provided one of the first major oppor­tun­it­ies since the protests erup­ted, in June, for millions of Amer­ic­ans to weigh in directly and in the affirm­at­ive on a tangible issue of racial justice; the over­whelm­ing major­ity of those regain­ing their right to vote are Black, Latino, and Asian Amer­ican.

This is the latest victory for demo­cracy-expand­ing initi­at­ives, and for the move­ment to restore the right to vote to indi­vidu­als with past convic­tions. Over the past two years alone, Color­ado, Flor­ida, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisi­ana, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York all expan­ded access to the ballot for those with past convic­tions.

The “Yes” On Prop 17 campaign was a campaign by and for the 50,000 Cali­for­nia citizens disen­fran­chised due to a law enacted at the height of Jim Crow whose right to vote will now be restored. From its incep­tion, the campaign was based on the belief that these indi­vidu­als, having completed their prison term, are entitled to have their voices heard in our demo­cracy.

The campaign’s website high­lights the personal stor­ies of Cali­for­ni­ans who have been impacted by mass incar­cer­a­tion and who now will regain their voice in demo­cracy. Read more here.

Propos­i­tion 17’s approval by Cali­for­nia voters amends Cali­for­ni­a’s consti­tu­tion to ensure that any other­wise eligible voter who is not currently incar­cer­ated in prison for a felony convic­tion can vote. The propos­i­tion was included on this year’s ballot for consid­er­a­tion from voters after ACA 6, also known as the Free the Vote Act, passed each cham­ber of the Cali­for­nia state legis­lature with two-thirds votes and bipar­tisan support.

The Yes On Prop 17 campaign earned the support of a diverse and broad coali­tion that includes celebrit­ies and activ­ists like John Legend, Desmond Meade, Tom Steyer, and Ben & Jerry’s; state and national elec­ted offi­cials like Governor Gavin Newsom, Secret­ary of State Alex Padilla, former State Senate Pro Tempore Kevin de León, and Congress­mem­bers Anna Eshoo, Ro Khanna, Barbara Lee, and Eric Swal­well; national advocacy groups like Black Lives Matter PAC, Color Of Change PAC, Human Rights Watch, Lawyers’ Commit­tee for Civil Rights Under Law, The Lead­er­ship Confer­ence on Civil and Human Rights, NAACP Legal Defense and Educa­tional Fund, R Street Insti­tute, UnidosUS, and Voto Latino; law enforce­ment groups like Prosec­utors Alli­ance of Cali­for­nia, Amer­ican Proba­tion and Parole Asso­ci­ation, Fair and Just Prosec­u­tion, and Law Enforce­ment Action Part­ner­ship; faith groups like Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, CAIR Cali­for­nia, Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice, and PICO Cali­for­nia; crim­inal justice reform groups like #cut50, The Justice Collab­or­at­ive, The Ladies of Hope Minis­tries, REFORM Alli­ance, and The Senten­cing Project; and labor unions like AFSCME, Cali­for­nia Labor Feder­a­tion, SEIU Cali­for­nia, and UAW West­ern States – amount­ing to more than 400 endorse­ments by Novem­ber 3. (The complete list of endors­ers is below.)

**Me­dia inter­views are avail­able upon request**:

  • Sean Morales-Doyle, exec­ut­ive commit­tee member of the Yes On Prop 17 campaign and deputy director of the Voting Rights and Elec­tions Program at the Bren­nan Center of Justice at NYU Law. (Contact: prop17@­
  • Taina Vargas-Edmond, exec­ut­ive chair of the Yes On Prop 17 campaign and co-founder and exec­ut­ive director of Initi­ate Justice. (Contact: tain­a@ini­ti­ate­
  • Esteban Nuñez, exec­ut­ive commit­tee member of the Yes On Prop 17 campaign and Director of Advocacy at the Anti-Recidiv­ism Coali­tion (Contact: enun­ez@antir­e­cidiv­

Endorse­ments of Propos­i­tion 17 as of today:

Elec­ted Offi­cials:

Congress­wo­man Anna Eshoo, Congress­man Ro Khanna, Congress­wo­man Barbara Lee, Congress­man Eric Swal­well, Governor Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor Eleni Koun­ala­kis, Secret­ary of State Alex Padilla, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Assembly­mem­ber Kevin McCarty, Assembly­mem­ber Marc Berman, Assembly­mem­ber Rob Bonta, Assembly­mem­ber Wendy Carrillo, Assembly­mem­ber David Chiu, Assembly­mem­ber Kansen Chu, Assembly­mem­ber Cristina Garcia, Assembly­mem­ber Mike Gipson, Assembly­mem­ber Lorena Gonza­lez, Assembly­mem­ber Laura Fried­man, Assembly­mem­ber Marc Levine, Assembly­mem­ber Evan Low, Assembly­mem­ber Ash Kalra, Assembly­mem­ber Sydney Kamla­ger, Assembly­mem­ber Kevin Mullin, Assembly­mem­ber Sharon Quirk-Silva, Assembly­mem­ber Bill Quirk, Assembly­mem­ber Luz Rivas, Assembly­mem­ber Mark Stone, Assembly­mem­ber Shir­ley Weber, Cali­for­nia State Board of Equal­iz­a­tion Chair Malia Cohen, Candid­ate for State Senate District 15 Ann Ravel, former State Senate Pro Tempore Kevin de León, State Senator Jim Beall, State Senator Steven Brad­ford, State Senator Bill Dodd, State Senator Lena Gonza­lez, State Senator Holly Mitchell, State Senator Scott Weiner, State Senator Bob Wieck­owski, City of Berke­ley Mayor Jesse Arreguín, City of Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, City of Morgan Hill Mayor Rich Constantine, City of San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, City of San Jose Vice Mayor Charles “Chap­pie” Jones, City of Stock­ton Mayor Michael Tubbs, and Oakland City Attor­ney Barbara J. Parker.

Cities and Counties:

City of Berke­ley, City of Oakland, City of Long Beach, City of San Jose, City of West Holly­wood, Alameda County, Los Angeles County, Marin County, Monterey County, San Fran­cisco City and County, and Santa Clara County.

Activ­ists, Celebrit­ies, and Lead­ers:

John Legend, Desmond Meade, Tom Steyer, Snoop Dogg, Bryan Cran­ston, Kimberly Ellis, Brandon Flynn, Annie Gonza­lez, Siva Kaneswaran, Lisa Lisa, Matt McGorry, Kendrick Sampson, and Earlonne Woods.

Community Organ­iz­a­tions and Busi­ness Organ­iz­a­tions:

ACLU of Cali­for­nia, ACLU of North­ern Cali­for­nia, ACLU of South­ern Cali­for­nia, Active SGV, Activ­ism Artic­u­lated, Advance­ment Project Cali­for­nia, Alameda County Community Food Bank, Alli­ance for Boys and Men of Color, Alli­ance of Cali­for­ni­ans for Community Empower­ment (ACCE) Action, Amer­ican Asso­ci­ation of Univer­sity Women, APLA Health, Asian Amer­ic­ans Advan­cing Justice, Asian Health Services, Asian Solid­ar­ity Collect­ive, Bay Area Regional Health Inequit­ies Initi­at­ive (BARHII), Bay Rising Action, Ben & Jerry’s, Black Lives Matter PAC, Black Lives Matter – Cali­for­nia, Black Lives Matter – Long Beach, Black Lives Matter – Sacra­mento, and Bren­nan Center for Justice.

Cali­for­nia Alli­ance for Retired Amer­ic­ans, Cali­for­nia Asso­ci­ation of Nonprofits, Cali­for­nia Calls, Cali­for­nia ChangeLaw­yers, Cali­for­nia Common Cause, Cali­for­nia Envir­on­mental Justice Alli­ance Action, Cali­for­nia Food & Farm­ing Network, Cali­for­nia Health Advoc­ates, Cali­for­nia Immig­rant Policy Center, Cali­for­nia Lati­nas for Repro­duct­ive Justice, Cali­for­nia League of Conser­va­tion Voters, Cali­for­nia NORML, Cali­for­ni­ans United for a Respons­ible Budget, Cali­for­nia Pan-Ethnic Health Network, CalPACE, Campaign Legal Center, Causa Justa :: Just Cause, CAUSE Action Fund, Center for Biolo­gical Diversity Action Fund, Center for Employ­ment Oppor­tun­it­ies, Center on Policy Initi­at­ives, Chicanxs Unidxs, Chinese for Affirm­at­ive Action, Chispa, Chrysalis, Coali­tion for Humane Immig­rant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), Color Of Change PAC, Community Coali­tion, Community Health Coun­cils, Cour­age Cali­for­nia, Demo­cracy for Amer­ica, Disab­il­ity Rights Cali­for­nia, Dolores Huerta Found­a­tion, and Down­town Women’s Center.

East Bay for Every­one, East Bay Hous­ing Organ­iz­a­tions, Elect Justice Cali­for­nia, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Empower to Change, End Citizens United, Equal­ity Cali­for­nia, Equal Justice Soci­ety, Evolve Cali­for­nia, Fath­ers & Famil­ies of San Joaquin, Flor­ida Rights Restor­a­tion Coali­tion, For The People, Fresno Sunrise Move­ment, Give a Beat, GLIDE Center for Social Justice, Green­lin­ing Insti­tute, Heal the Bay, Heal­thRIGHT 360, Hous­ing Cali­for­nia, Human Impact Part­ners, Indi­vis­ible CA: StateStrong, Inner­City Struggle, LA Forward, Latino­Justice PRLDEF, Lawyers’ Commit­tee for Civil Rights of the San Fran­cisco Bay Area, Lawyers’ Commit­tee for Civil Rights Under Law, The Lead­er­ship Confer­ence on Civil and Human Rights, League of Women Voters of Cali­for­nia, Let Amer­ica Vote, Liberty Hill Found­a­tion, Long Beach Forward, Los Angeles Black Worker Center, and Los Angeles Urban League.

MALDEF, Manhat­tan Beach for Justice, Marin Food Policy Coun­cil, Mid-City CAN (Community Advocacy Network), Mi Familia Vota, The Million Voters Project, Moth­ers Out Front Cali­for­nia, Move in Unity Victory + Action (MUVA), NAACP Legal Defense and Educa­tional Fund, NARAL Pro-Choice Cali­for­nia, National Center for Youth Law, National Urban League, North­ern Cali­for­nia Grant­makers, Oakland Rising Action, Ocean & Moun­tain, Our Revolu­tion East Bay, Outten & Golden LLP, Pasade­nans Empower­ing Parent Parti­cip­a­tion in Educa­tion Governance, Planned Parent­hood Affil­i­ates of Cali­for­nia, Poli­cyLink, Power Action Cali­for­nia, Public Advoc­ates, Public Coun­sel, Right2­Vote Campaign, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Rock the Vote Action Fund, and R Street Insti­tute.

San Fran­cisco AIDS Found­a­tion, San Fran­cisco Bay Area Plan­ning and Urban Research Asso­ci­ation (SPUR), San Fran­cisco Found­a­tion, San Fran­cisco Rising, San Fran­cisco YIMBY, Secure Demo­cracy, Show­ing Up for Racial Justice – Bay Area, Show­ing Up for Racial Justice – Contra Costa, Show­ing Up for Racial Justice – Marin, Show­ing Up for Racial Justice – Sacred Heart, Show­ing Up for Racial Justice – San Diego, Show­ing Up for Racial Justice – San Fran­cisco, Sierra Club Cali­for­nia, Sierra Club San Diego, Silicon Valley DeBug, TechEquity Collab­or­at­ive, Theatre­Work­ers Project, Time for Change Found­a­tion, UnidosUS, Union of Concerned Scient­ists, United Way Bay Area, United Way of Greater Los Angeles, United Ways of Cali­for­nia, UNITE-LA, Viet­Rise, Vote Allies, Voting Rights Lab Action, Voto Latino, West­ern Center on Law and Poverty, We the People – San Diego, White People 4 Black Lives, Women’s Found­a­tion of Cali­for­nia, Work­ing Part­ner­ships USA, Young Women’s Free­dom Center, and Youth Lead­er­ship Insti­tute.

Crim­inal Justice and Public Safety Organ­iz­a­tions:

#cut50, Amer­ican Proba­tion and Parole Asso­ci­ation, A New PATH, A New Way of Life Reentry Project, Anti-Recidiv­ism Coali­tion, Asian Pris­oner Support Commit­tee, Cali­for­nia Coali­tion for Women Pris­on­ers, Cali­for­nia Famil­ies Against Solit­ary Confine­ment , Cali­for­nia Prison Focus, Center on Juven­ile and Crim­inal Justice, Coali­tion for Juven­ile Justice, CURYJ, Defy Ventures, Dignity and Power Now, Dream Corps, Drug Policy Alli­ance, Essie Justice Group, Fair and Just Prosec­u­tion, Fair Chance Project, Famil­ies United to End LWOP, Home­boy Indus­tries, Homies Unidos, Hustle 2.0, Initi­ate Justice, Justice LA, Justice Rein­vest­ment Coali­tion of Alameda County, La Defensa, Law Enforce­ment Action Part­ner­ship (LEAP), Los Angeles County Public Defender Ricardo Garcia, Los Angeles Regional Reentry Part­ner­ship (LARRP), North­ern Cali­for­nia Inno­cence Project, People over Profit – San Diego, Prison From-TheIn­side-Out Inc., Prison Policy Initi­at­ive, Prosec­utors Alli­ance of Cali­for­nia, Re:Store Justice, Real Justice PAC, REFORM Alli­ance, Repres­ent Justice, San Bern­ardino Free Them All, San Fran­cisco District Attor­ney Chesa Boudin, Smart Justice Cali­for­nia, Success Stor­ies Program, The Justice Collab­or­at­ive, The Ladies of Hope Minis­tries, The Senten­cing Project, Trans­form­at­ive In-Prison Work­group, Trans­form­ing Justice Orange County, and UnCom­mon Law.

Faith Organ­iz­a­tions:

Amer­ican Friends Service Commit­tee, Anchor of Hope, Anti-Defam­a­tion League, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, Bend the Arc: South Bay, CAIR-Cali­for­nia, Cali­for­nia Coun­cil of Churches, Cali­for­nia Reli­gious Action Center (RAC-CA), Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice, Faith in Action Bay Area, Faith in Action East Bay, Faith in the Valley Merced, Friends Commit­tee on Legis­la­tion of Cali­for­nia, Grace Cathed­ral, Inter­faith Communit­ies United for Justice and Peace, Inter­faith Move­ment for Human Integ­rity, Jewish Center for Justice, Jewish Community Rela­tions Coun­cil, LA Voice, Lutheran Office of Public Policy – Cali­for­nia, Multi-faith ACTION Coali­tion, National Coun­cil of Jewish Women, National Coun­cil of Jewish Women – Sacra­mento, People Acting in Community Together, PICO Cali­for­nia, Sacra­mento ACT, Sacred Heart Community Service, San Diego Organ­iz­ing Project, True North Organ­iz­ing Network, and Unit­arian Univer­sal­ist Justice Ministry of Cali­for­nia.

Unions and Asso­ci­ations:

AFSCME, AFSCME 3299, Berke­ley Tenants Union, Cali­for­nia Asso­ci­ation of Nonprofits, Cali­for­nia College of the Arts Staff Union, Cali­for­nia Faculty Asso­ci­ation, Cali­for­nia Feder­a­tion of Teach­ers, Cali­for­nia Labor Feder­a­tion, Cali­for­nia Medical Asso­ci­ation, Cali­for­nia Primary Care Asso­ci­ation, Cali­for­nia Psycho­lo­gical Asso­ci­ation, Cali­for­nia Public Defend­ers Asso­ci­ation, Community Clinic Asso­ci­ation of Los Angeles County, Contra Costa Labor Coun­cil, IBEW Local 11, IBEW Local 477, IBEW Local 569, IFPTE Local 21, Los Angeles County Feder­a­tion of Labor, Los Angeles County Medical Asso­ci­ation, Los Angeles Public Defend­ers Union Local 148, National Asso­ci­ation of Social Work­ers (NASW) Cali­for­nia Chapter, National Union of Health­care Work­ers, San Diego and Imper­ial Counties Labor Coun­cil, San Diego County Build­ing and Construc­tion Trades Coun­cil, San Fran­cisco Human Services Network, San Fran­cisco Tenants Union, San Mateo County Cent­ral Labor Coun­cil, SEIU Cali­for­nia, SEIU Local 1021, SEIU Local 221, SEIU Local 521, SEIU Local 721, SEIU-UHW, SEIU United Service Work­ers West, South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Coun­cil, UAW Local 5810, UAW West­ern States, UDW/AFSCME Local 3930, UFCW Local 324, UFCW Local 770, UFCW West­ern States Coun­cil, United Nurses Asso­ci­ations of Cali­for­nia/Union of Health Care Profes­sion­als, UNITE HERE Local 2, and Valley Industry & Commerce Asso­ci­ation.


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Polit­ical Organ­iz­a­tions:

Alice B. Toklas LGBTQ Demo­cratic Club, Auburn Area Demo­cratic Club, Bernal Heights Demo­cratic Club, Beverly Hills Demo­cratic Club, Black Women’s Demo­cratic Club, Black Women for Well­ness Action Project, Black Women Organ­iz­ing for Polit­ical Action, Butte County Demo­cratic Party, Cali­for­nia Demo­cratic Party, Cali­for­nia Demo­cratic Party Black Caucus, Cali­for­nia Demo­cratic Party LGBT Caucus, Cali­for­nia Demo­cratic Party Progress­ive Caucus, Cali­for­nia Young Demo­crats, Claire­mont Demo­cratic Club, Contra Costa Young Demo­crats, Demo­cratic Alli­ance for Action of Santa Clar­ita, Demo­cratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, Demo­cratic Social­ists of Amer­ica – Fresno, Demo­cratic Social­ists of Amer­ica – Los Angeles, Demo­cratic Social­ists of Amer­ica – Orange County, Demo­cratic Social­ists of Amer­ica – San Diego, Demo­cratic Social­ists of Amer­ica – San Luis Obispo, Demo­cratic Social­ists of Amer­ica – Santa Cruz, Demo­cratic Social­ists of Amer­ica – Silicon Valley, East Bay Young Demo­crats, El Cerrito Progress­ives, Green Party of Cali­for­nia, Harvey Milk LGBTQ Demo­cratic Club, Heart of L.A. Demo­cratic Club, Liber­tarian Party of Cali­for­nia, Los Angeles County Demo­cratic Party, Los Angeles County Young Demo­crats, Miracle Mile Demo­cratic Club, Palos Verdes Demo­crats, Peace and Free­dom Party, Penin­sula Young Demo­crats, Pilipino Amer­ican Los Angeles Demo­crats, Placer County Demo­cratic Party, Point Loma Demo­cratic Club, Rich­mond Progress­ive Alli­ance, Sacra­mento County Demo­cratic Party, San Diego Demo­crats for Equal­ity, San Fran­cisco East­ern Neigh­bor­hoods Demo­cratic Club, San Fran­cisco Green Party, San Fran­cisco Women’s Polit­ical Commit­tee, San Fran­cisco Young Demo­crats, San Mateo County Demo­cratic Party, Santa Barbara County Demo­cratic Party, Santa Clara County Demo­cratic Party, Santa Clara County Liber­tarian Party, Santa Monica Demo­cratic Club, Silicon Valley Stone­wall Demo­crats, United Demo­cratic Club, Valley Grass­roots for Demo­cracy, Ventura County Demo­cratic Party, and West Holly­wood Demo­cratic Club.

Student Organ­iz­a­tions:

Berke­ley Journal of Crim­inal Law, Berke­ley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice, Bruin Demo­crats, Cal Berke­ley Demo­crats, Cali­for­nia High School Demo­crats, Cal Poly Demo­crats, Chico State Demo­crats, College Demo­crats at UCI, College Demo­crats of SDSU, CSU Project Rebound Consor­tium, Davis College Demo­crats, Project Rebound – Cal State LA, Project Rebound – Fresno State, Project Rebound – Sacra­mento State, Student Senate for Cali­for­nia Community Colleges, UCSB Campus Demo­crats, Under­ground Schol­ars Initi­at­ive, Under­ground Schol­ars Initi­at­ive – UCR, Under­ground Schol­ars Initi­at­ive – UC Santa Barbara, Under­ground Schol­ars Initi­at­ive – UC Santa Cruz, and Univer­sity of Cali­for­nia Students Asso­ci­ation.

Propos­i­tion 17 is sponsored by Yes On Prop 17, a campaign by and for Cali­for­ni­ans directly impacted by mass incar­cer­a­tion, and the follow­ing organ­iz­a­tions: ACLU of Cali­for­nia, Anti-Recidiv­ism Coali­tion, Bren­nan Center for Justice at NYU Law, Initi­ate Justice,League of Women Voters of Cali­for­nia, Mi Familia Vota, Vote Allies,Voting Rights Lab Action, and White People 4 Black Lives. To learn more, visit