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Back to the Future for the RNC

The Republican National Committee (RNC) apparently wants to party like its 1999… Updated, 12/16 with article from “Money & Politics Report.”

  • Laura MacCleery
December 12, 2008

Posted to, December 12.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) apparently wants to party like its 1999. It is bringing two new, overlooked lawsuits seeking to turn back the clock on campaign finance reforms in place since 2003.

Having lost the presidential election, the GOP wasted no time in challenging the constitutionality of bans on soft money and coordinated spending that were championed by its presidential nominee and signed into law by President Bush. The RNC filed one lawsuit in DC federal court that attempts to undo soft money restrictions dividing the state and national parties, and a second in federal court in Louisiana to overturn limits on coordinated spending between candidates and the national parties.

The RNC apparently has decided that it cannot compete in a political climate that limits the influence of corporate soft money. The lawsuits suggest that Republicans may seek to blame the election results on fundraising rules that require parties to cultivate many more individual donors.

Click here to read entire piece on the Nation's web site.

Update 12/16

To this point, read the following article published in the Money & Politics Report, “GOP Official Says Soft-Money Lawsuits Prompted by Need to Compete with Obama.”