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Assessing the 'Voter Fraud’ Commission’s Evidence

Commissioners and Commission panelists have repeatedly cited misleading or patently untrue evidence to support their baseless claims of voter fraud.

  • Brennan Center for Justice
September 8, 2017

Commis­sion­ers and Commis­sion panel­ists have repeatedly cited mislead­ing or patently untrue evid­ence to support their base­less claims of voter fraud. Here are some of those pieces of evid­ence, and resources that refute them:

  • Vice-Chair Kris Kobach claimed that driver’s license data of same-day regis­trants prove New Hamp­shire’s 2016 senate race “was likely changed through voter fraud.” Here is a selec­tion of articles that directly disprove his asser­tion:
  • Commis­sioner Hans von Spakovsky stated that "the Herit­age Found­a­tion main­tains a data­base of almost 1,100 proven cases of elec­tion fraud." A Bren­nan Center report found that the cases are grossly exag­ger­ated and devoid of context:
  • Commis­sioner J. Chris­tian Adams claimed that “Bren­nan Center stud­ies 'debunk­ing’ voter fraud never even mentioned federal court cases which I litig­ated at the Justice Depart­ment involving voter fraud. That’s why these groups cannot be trus­ted.” Here is a selec­tion of resources making clear that the Bren­nan Center’s and others’ stud­ies include federal fraud cases:
    • Bren­nan Center - Analysis of Alleged Fraud in Briefs Support­ing Craw­ford Respond­ents (p.4)
    • Bren­nan Center - The Truth About Voter Fraud (p.41)
    • Wash­ing­ton Post’s Wonkblog - A Compre­hens­ive Invest­ig­a­tion of Voter Imper­son­a­tion Finds 31 Cred­ible Incid­ents Out of One Billion Ballots Cast (includes discus­sion of federal fraud case Mr. Adams worked on)
    • New York Times - In 5-Year Effort, Scant Evid­ence of Voter Fraud 
    • Compre­hens­ive list of voter fraud stud­ies, many of which cover federal fraud alleg­a­tions
  • John Lott, a panel­ist at the Septem­ber 12 Commis­sion meet­ing, presen­ted an unpub­lished paper purport­ing to find evid­ence of voter fraud. Elec­tion experts have discred­ited the study:
  • Ken Block, a panel­ist at the Septem­ber 12 Commis­sion meet­ing, presen­ted a Govern­ment Account­ab­il­ity Insti­tute report that claims to have found over 8,000 cases of double voting. Kris Kobach has cited the study when making claims about voter fraud. Academ­ics have described the study’s meth­od­o­lo­gical flaws:
    • Dr. Paul Gronke - Report on “Voter Fraud” Rife With Inac­curacies
    • Dr. Max Hailperin - Pres­id­en­tial Advis­ory Commis­sion on Elec­tion Integ­rity Septem­ber 12, 2017, Meet­ing Mater­i­als