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Supreme Injustice: How a Conservative Court Will Reshape America

Author Ian Millhiser looks at the defining political battles of the next few years, which may leave the government of the United States profoundly altered in a conservative direction.

This is a virtual event
  • Ian Millhiser
  • Osita Nwanevu
Supreme Injustice

Donald Trump is gone, but his legacy will live on for decades through the more than 200 federal judges he appointed, including three to the Supreme Court: Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. How will these justices use their power? In his new book, The Agenda: How a Republican Supreme Court Is Reshaping AmericaIan Millhiser, a lawyer, senior Vox correspondent, and former law clerk in the federal appellate court system, presents an unflinching view of an increasingly partisan Court that will enact major systemic changes in areas like voting rights, the independence of federal agencies from political interference, and the separation of church and state. In conversation with the New Republic’s Osita Nwanevu, Millhiser will discuss how these decisions will shape the very nature of American government, redefining who gets to have legal rights, who is beyond the reach of the law, and who chooses the people who make our laws. 

This event is produced in partnership with New York University’s John Brademas Center.


  • Ian MillhiserAuthor, The Agenda: How a Republican Supreme Court Is Reshaping America, senior correspondent at Vox.
  • Osita Nwanevustaff writer, the New Republic

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