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Should NYC Municipal Elections Be Moved to Even-Numbered Years?

The pros, the cons, the law, and the politics of a proposal for New York City

New York
  • Ben Weinberg
  • ,
  • Marina Pino
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  • Sandra Ung
  • Brigid Bergin
collage illustration of ballots and voters

New York City has long elected its mayors and other municipal leaders in odd-numbered years. A growing chorus of reformers says that moving these elections to even-numbered years would improve local government and politics, driving higher turnout, lowering election costs, and bringing a broader and more representative electorate to the polls. Skeptics question these benefits. Should New York make the switch to even-numbered years? What legal and constitutional changes would be needed to make this happen? On Wednesday, January 17, this in-person panel will look at the pros, the cons, the law, and the politics of this interesting and innovative proposal.

Produced in partnership with the New York City Bar Association

  • Ben Weinberg, Director of Public Policy, Citizens Union
  • Sandra Ung, Councilmember, District 20, New York City Council
  • Marina Pino, Counsel, Brennan Center Elections and Government Program
  • Robert Jackson, Senator, District 31, New York State Senate
  • Moderator: Brigid Bergin, Senior Reporter, WNYC

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New York, NY 10036

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