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Athena Mae De Leon Guerrero

Recruiting Associate, Human Resources

Athena Mae is the Brennan Center’s Recruiting Associate. She coordinates the multiple stages of the recruitment process between candidates and/or BCJ staff. In addition, she provides recruitment support in other areas such as ATS management and report generation, along with candidate sourcing and review.  

Before the Brennan Center, Athena Mae obtained her Bachelor’s in Japanese, Psychology, and a minor in Human Resources Management. The combination of her psychology degree and minor prompted her to pursue and obtain her Master degrees in Business Administration and Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Prior to the Brennan Center, she gained talent acquisition experience in the for-profit sector at a tech company. 

Athena Mae is excited to bring her previous recruitment experience to the non-profit sector, and specifically to the Brennan Center. She is dedicated to ensuring a positive experience and a smooth hiring process for both candidates and hiring managers.