State Legislative Redistricting Bills - 2018

Since the start of 2018, lawmakers around the country have filed over 130 bills addressing redistricting procedures. The proposed legislation includes reforms changing who draws the maps, clarifying or creating redistricting standards, and/or establishing procedures for how incarcerated persons are to be counted.

A number of lawmakers have also filed proposed legislation to increase engagement and participation in the census. Legislators also are weighing in with concerns about the 2020 census. Lawmakers from three states have submitted resolutions opposing the citizenship question for the 2020 census. Other bills urge Congress to provide adequate funding and leadership for an accurate census count in 2020.

Click on a state to see the bills filed during the 2018 legislative sessions, including carry-over bills from 2017. 

For an overview of proposed federal redistricting reform legislation, visit our Congressional Redistricting Bill Tracker

Where Redistricting Bills Have Been Introduced

Status Key: 

Redistricting Bills Introduced; 2017-2018 Legislative Session Ended

Redistricting Bills Introduced; 2017-2018 Legislative Session Active

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