Michigan Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Redistricting Reform Initiative

November 6, 2018
Contact: Stephen Fee, stephen.fee@nyu.edu, 202 309 8892
Today, voters in Michigan sent a powerful message demanding fairer elections by approving Proposal 2, a ballot initiative to overcome partisan gerrymandering and create an independent commission that will be in charge of redrawing state and congressional districts. The proposal won with a bi-partisan support.
The Brennan Center for Justice assisted the Voters Not Politicians coalition in developing and drafting Proposal 2.
“This is an important victory for bolstering democracy in Michigan and ensuring all voters’ voices are heard,” said Michael Li, Senior Counsel for the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program. “Politicians and the Supreme Court have repeatedly failed to fix extreme partisan gerrymandering. In this case, the citizens of Michigan took things in their own hands, overcoming doubters and skeptics, to craft a fix that is a strong model for all. The win is nothing short of inspiring.”
Proposal 2 will ensure the process of redistricting is transparent and balanced, taking power away from self-interested lawmakers and giving it to an independent citizens commission, consisting of Democrats, Republicans, and voters unaffiliated with either party. The initiative mirrors the Brennan Center’s longstanding recommendation for how states can reform their legislative map-drawing.