New Bipartisan Voting Commission Voting: An Important Step

February 12, 2013

Tonight, President Barack Obama highlighted voting reform for the third time in a major national address. The Brennan Center for Justice released the following statement from President Michael Waldman:

“Tonight, the president spoke powerfully of the need to improve the way we run elections in America. He’s absolutely right. His appointment of a new bipartisan commission is an important step, focusing on improving the experience of voters. This should be a critical part of the larger mission of modernizing elections so every eligible citizen can vote and have that vote counted. The moving story of Desiline Victor, told by the president tonight, underscores how vital this mission is. We urge the commission to think boldly, and we urge the Congress to do its part by enacting minimum national standards to modernize elections.”

Last week, the Brennan Center released a three-part plan to fix long lines at the polls. Read this New York Times editorial endorsing the Center’s Voter Registration Modernization proposal.

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