Million Dollar Courts in 2016

Does your state have a million dollar court? Use this map to check whether your state supreme court has sitting justices who were elected in a $1 million-plus race during their tenure, and to see the most expensive race in your state from 1994 to 2016. States in light blue have at least one sitting justice elected in a $1 million race, and in dark blue states, at least half the court was elected in a $1 million race.

This analysis counts any justice whose race for a seat on a state high court saw at least $1 million in total spending, including campaign fundraising and independent expenditures on both sides. For retention elections, when multiple justices were standing for retention at the same time and television ads indicated there was a joint campaign supporting or opposing the justices collectively, justices were included in this calculus if the aggregate spending on the retention election surpassed $1 million total.

When you click on a state with a million dollar court, you will see the most expensive race in that state from 1994 to 2016 — inflation adjusted — and a description of the race and other in that state that year. With the exception of the 2015 Pennsylvania race, the individual race amounts have all been converted to 2016 dollars.


Does Your State Have a Million Dollar Court?

Status Key: 

More than half of the court was elected in a $1 million race

At least one justice was elected in a $1 million race

State does not use elections

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