A New Constitutional Vision

The last decade has seen six closely divided decisions by the Roberts Supreme Court transform the landscape of campaign finance in America, largely for the worse, in areas like election spending, transparency, and the voice of ordinary Americans in the political process. These decisions were based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the Constitution. 

The Brennan Center plays a critical role in the drive to reverse these decisions and advance a robust vision of the Constitution as a charter for a thriving democracy. Bold policy reform must be supported by a long-term effort to shift legal doctrine. Standing at the intersection of scholarship and advocacy, we lead an ambitious new initiative to develop and articulate a compelling progressive jurisprudence for the 21st century that allows for the reasonable regulation of money in politics.

In addition, the Brennan Center has led the way in convening constitutional scholars and focusing academic attention on money in politics issues. We brought together a group of what The New York Times called “A-list” constitutional scholars to author Money, Politics and the Constitution: Beyond Citizens United, the first major book to assess the way forward after Citizens United. We built on this work with Money in Politics 2030: Toward a New Jurisprudence, a gathering in which academics and practitioners were challenged to develop a new jurisprudential framework. The event resulted in a collection of essays and a series of blog responses.

The Brennan Center plays a critical role not only in the halls of academia, but in the active fight for change. As a leader in the jurisprudential movement to overturn Citizens United and other cases, we are pursuing an advocacy and litigation strategy to ensure that the Court once again properly understands that our Constitution’s aim is to create a democracy that is responsive to the people.

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