Election 2014

As Americans head to the polls this November for the midterm elections, they will be confronted with a series of new election rules, from voting to money in politics to redistricting. The Brennan Center will continue to track these changes throughout Election 2014 with updates on how they affect our democracy.

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In advance of this crucial midterm election, this report details new voting restrictions put in place over the past few years, laws in place for the first time in 2014, and major lawsuits that could affect this year’s elections. See all our 2014 voting resources.

Voting rights continues to be a highly contentious issue in America. This is the Brennan Center's regularly-updated, comprehensive roundup of introduced, pending, active, and passed voting bills.

States across America are in the midst of major battles over voting rights. This map details the cases we are currently watching, each of which have the potential to impact voting access for years to come.

After long lines marred the 2012 election, dozens of states introduced legislation in 2013 and 2014 to improve access to the polls. This map details expansive voting laws in 17 states plus the District of Columbia, 12 of which were in effect in 2014.

Our new paper details the controversial election changes that have been made since last year’s Shelby County ruling weakened a core provision of the Voting Rights Act.

The Brennan Center continues its groundbreaking work analyzing state supreme court campaign advertisements in the 2014 election cycle.