Brennan Center Jorde Symposium

The Brennan Center Jorde Symposium, an annual event, was created in 1996 to sponsor top scholarly discourse and writing from a variety of perspectives on issues that were central to the legacy of William J. Brennan, Jr.

The Brennan Center named the Symposium in honor of its major benefactor Thomas M. Jorde, former Brennan clerk and Professor of Law at Berkeley Law School. A unique feature of the Symposium is that, each year, the honored lecturer presents the same lecture at two different sites, one in the fall, and another in the spring, with a different pair of prominent commentators at each site. The fall lecture is typically held at Berkeley Law School, where Tom Jorde taught for many years. The spring lecture is at a different law school every year. Both lectures and the four commentaries are published annually in the California Law Review.

Past Jorde Symposia:

2013: Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig
2011-2012: Seventh Circuit Judge Diane P. Wood
2010-2011: Seventh Circuit Judge Richard A. Posner
2009-2010: NYU Law Professor Richard H. Pildes
2008-2009: University of Chicago Professor Martha Nussbaum
2007-2008: NYU Law Professor Stephen Holmes
2006-2007: 10th Anniversary Jorde Symposium
2005-2006: Yale Law Professor Reva B. Siegel
2003-2004: University of Chicago Professor Geoffrey Stone
2002-2003: NYU Law Professor Larry Kramer
2001-2002: Yale Law Professor Bruce Ackerman
2000-2001: Stanford Law Dean Kathleen Sullivan
1999-2000: University of Michigan President Lee Bollinger
1998-1999: Berkeley Law Professor Robert Post
1997-1998: Yale Law Professor Stephen Carter
1996-1997: Harvard Law Professor Frank Michelman