Brennan Center to House: Do Not Terminate the Only Federal Agency Protecting Voter Systems

February 7, 2017

The Brennan Center for Justice urges members of the House Administration Committee to reject bills to terminate the Electoral Assistance Commission (H.R. 634) and the Presidential Election Campaign Fund (H.R. 133)


At a time when the vast majority of our country’s voting machines are outdated and in need of replacement, and after an election in which international criminals already attempted to hack our state voter registration systems, eliminating the EAC would pose a risky and irresponsible threat to our election infrastructure. H.R. 133 would destroy a presidential public financing system that is one of the few remaining tools to increase the voice of everyday Americans vis-à-vis the rising tide of special interest money that has flooded the political system since the Supreme Court’s controversial decision in Citizens United.



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