2016 State Supreme Court Elections

In November 2016, 27 states will hold elections for positions on their highest courts, including partisan and nonpartisan contested elections and up-or-down retention races. State supreme courts are the final word on issues of state law — from environmental regulation to criminal justice — and judicial races have become increasingly politicized and subject to special interest pressure.

The Brennan Center is tracking TV advertisements in state supreme court elections across the country, including providing spending estimates and copies of ads and storyboards. Read our press releases for the latest analysis or see individual state ads on Buying Time

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A complete chart of all state supreme court elections taking place in 2016, including the dates of the elections, types of elections, and candidate information.

See current and previous advertisements airing in state supreme court races along with spending and sponsor information. Want to know more? Click here for our full data sets used for the New Politics of Judicial Elections series.