Restricting the Vote

America is in the midst of a high-pitched and often highly partisan battle over voting rights. On one side are politicians passing laws and executive actions that would make it harder for many citizens to vote. This started after the 2010 midterm elections, when new state legislative majorities pushed a wave of laws cracking down on voting. On the other side are groups of voters and advocates pushing back — in the legislatures, at the ballot box, and especially in the courts. The Brennan Center is instrumental in leading this fight.

  • Representing civil rights groups, Center attorneys helped win court rulings to block harsh voter ID laws and voter registration restrictions, which could have made it harder for hundreds of thousands to cast ballots.
  • We led an extensive public opinion research project on attitudes toward voting. Hundreds of organizations have used this cutting edge research to help win victories nationwide.
  • The Brennan Center continually tracks election changes in the states and provides national context and commentary on the legislative movement to restrict voting.

Many Americans face an ever-shifting voting landscape. The national struggle over voting rights is the greatest in decades. The Brennan Center will continue to fight restrictive voting laws to safeguard our fundamental right to vote.

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