Election 2018: What You Need to Know

Voting is a right. It shouldn't be a fight.

But as the 2018 midterm elections approach, there is reason to be wary. Extreme partisan gerrymandering has made us worry that our voices won’t count. Foreign governments are trying to infiltrate the machines and computers that run our elections. Some states are working to suppress votes, cutting back on early voting and instituting harsh voter ID laws. Billionaires and special interests continue to flood the airwaves with advertising that speaks for them, but not necessarily for us.

That's why the Brennan Center is fighting every day to protect the most fundamental right that we are promised in our Constitution: the right to cast a ballot.

We’re suing states that are putting unfair hurdles in front of eligible voters. We’re working with election officials to replace outdated election equipment. We’re pushing for bold ideas like automatic voter registration to streamline and secure the voting process for all. We’re providing key data that shows how redrawing Congressional maps could make our elections more responsive to the will of the people. And we’re advocating smart solutions at the local and national level to keep anonymous money from overtaking our campaigns.

But we can’t do any of it without you. Read about our work, share our stories, and sign up for updates on what you need to know to #ProtectTheVote this November. Because our democracy depends on it.

Our democracy depends on you.



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