Brennan Center Opposes Minnesota Voter ID Amendment

April 4, 2012

Voter ID will officially be on the ballot this fall in Minnesota, after the Senate passed the measure this afternoon.

Not only would the bill require a form of ID that one in ten voters do not have, it could also potentially end election-day registration, a popular feature of Minnesota’s elections.

The Brennan Center released the following statement from Senior Counsel Keesha Gaskins:

“Until now, Minnesota’s election system has served as a beacon for the nation. The current system provides eligible citizens full and fair access to the ballot, resulting in the highest voter turnout in every national election since 1996. By requiring an ID to vote, and ending election-day registration, this unnecessary amendment would make it harder for Minnesotans to vote. We have seen a wave of restrictive voting laws since the beginning of 2011, representing the most significant cutback in voting rights in decades. We hope Minnesota voters oppose this misguided effort.”

Read the Brennan Center’s comprehensive study, Voting Law Changes in 2012, which details how these laws could make it significantly harder for millions of eligible Americans to vote this year.

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