What We're Reading Today: Divided Government

September 12, 2011

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Have the changes to intelligence gathering laws since 9/11 become the "new normal"?

Among the twelve members of the super committee, Senator John Kerry is the first to promise that he won't raise any money and won't meet with any lobbyists until after the work is complete in November.

Last Friday, a U.S. District Judge upheld a Florida constitutional amendment, which established clearer requirements for how districts should and should not be drawn.

“You treat the people who need to be treated and incarcerate the people who need to be incarcerated.” U.S. Senator Jim Webb continues to advocate for criminal justice reform.

"Time to Tear Down Ideological Walls," by former Rep. Tom Davis, explains the consequences of a continued divided government.

The Philadelphia Inquirer urges New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to disclose his political fundraising trips.