What We're Reading Today: Detained

August 12, 2011

What We're Reading: a daily round-up of quick hits, clips, and opinion pieces touching on key issues of democracy, justice, liberty and national security.

Maine's election laws were left unchanged yesterday after an Appeals Court in Boston denied the National Organization for Marriage's challenge to PAC disclosure requirements.

How to deal with detainees when captured? The Obama administration has yet to provide an appropriate set of guidelines for the captured terror suspects. Without these rules, mistreatment will continue to be ignored.

A judge allowed 15 individual intervenors to defend a prison redistricting law in New York. Wendy Weiser provided analysis for Reuters, saying "we want to make sure that this law is adequately defended by people who have a stake in the matter and care to ensure that New Yorkers' voting rights aren't unfairly distorted."

Now that the supercommittee members have been selected, Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy and 25 groups sent a letter urging transparency and accountability in the upcoming negotiations.

Former Federal Election Commissioner Bradley Smith writes on shareholder disclosure and questions why contributions to museums and charities are not being questioned as well.

Think Progress: "During a campaign stop at the Iowa State Fair yesterday, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) vociferously defended tax breaks for corporations by declaring that corporations are people."