What We're Reading: Super Duper PACs

July 1, 2011

What We're Reading: a daily round-up of quick hits, clips, and opinion pieces touching on key issues of democracy, justice, liberty and national security.

The FEC ruled candidates can't solicit unlimited donations for Super PACs, but Roll Call's Eliza Newlin-Carney calls the ruling only a "partial victory."

Meanwhile, after receiving word that he can form his Super PAC, Stephen Colbert made the first campaign finance knock, knock joke ever.

The proposed public financing bill for New York State Comptroller races got some support from the League of Women Voters and NYPIRG.

The United States Sentencing Commission voted to retroactively apply the Fair Sentencing Act, which sought to even disparities in prison sentences between crack and cocaine convictions. The ACLU's Laura Murphy applauded the decision.

Charlie Kolb of the Committee for Economic Development writes about "Pay-to-Play America."

Jeffrey Rosen writes about why he misses Sandra Day O'Connor.