VRM in the States: Ohio

Ohio currently has the and Portability component of Voter Registration Modernization in place. Ohio also has electronic pollbooks in at least one county.

February 1, 2017

Advances in Voter Registration Modernization

  • Online Voter Registration: Ohio launched online voter registration through the Secretary of State’s office in 2017. Eligible citizens with a state driver’s license or non-driver ID can use the system to register to vote and update their registration information.
  • Portability: Registered voters who move to a new precinct within the state without updating their registration can cast a provisional ballot on Election Day. For the provisional ballot to count, those who move within their county must cast their ballot either at their new polling place or at a location designated by the local board of elections, while those who move to a new county must cast their ballot at a location designated by the local board of elections. Registered voters who move within the same precinct can complete a change of address form at their polling place and cast a regular ballot.
  • Electronic Pollbooks: Fourteen out of 88 Ohio counties used electronic pollbooks to sign in voters in 2014.