VRM in the States: Mississippi

Mississippi currently has the Electronic Registration at DMVs component of Voter Registration Modernization in place. Mississippi also has electronic pollbooks in at least one county.

February 1, 2017

Advances in Voter Registration Modernization

  • Electronic Voter Registration: Mississippi launched electronic voter registration at the Department of Public Safety (DPS) – which serves as the state’s driver’s licensing agency – in 2006. Individuals submit information on paper and clerks input responses electronically. Registrants then sign an electronic pad to create a digital signature, and voter registration information is transferred nightly to election officials.
  • Electronic Pollbooks: Five out of 82 Mississippi counties used electronic pollbooks to sign in voters in 2014. 

Gains from Voter Registration Modernization in Mississippi  

  • During an April 2013 interview with Brennan Center staff, Mississippi election officials reported that electronic voter registration has lowered printing costs for DPS and reduced errors in individuals’ registration records.