Voter Registration Modernization | Support

November 17, 2009

Support for the effort to modernize our voter registration system is increasing. Below, find a collection of selected quotes from elected officials and newspapers in support of Voter Registration Modernization.

Support by Elected Officials and Others

Voter registration modernization would "remove the single biggest barrier to voting in the United States, our antiquated registration system."
Attorney General Eric Holder (Brennan Legacy Awards Dinner, 11/17/2009)

    "As states implement the changes required by the MOVE Act, they should make it easier for military and overseas voters to cast state and local ballots as well. At the same time, states should modernize their registration systems to ensure that these highly mobile voters receive ballots and voting information at the correct address."
    —Rear Adm. James J. Carey, National Chairman of the National Defense Committee (Washington Times, 11/11/2009)

    "The integrity of our election system requires an automated voter registration process that is accurate, permanent and secure. A modernized system would serve voters better and save states money by streamlining the process, substantially reducing or eliminating paper and minimizing administration costs."
    Ken Blackwell, Ohio Secretary of State 1999-2007 (Washington Times, 10/05/2009)

    "Bringing our voter registration system into the 21st century must be the priority for improving the election process."
    Robert Bauer, General Counsel to Obama for America and Trevor Potter, General Counsel to John McCain's 2008 campaign (Washington Post, 06/24/2009)

    "Democrats believe it is too hard for people to register and vote; Republicans believe it is too easy to register and vote fraudulently. There may be a way to solve both problems simultaneously through new technology and forge a better bipartisan solution."
    Senator Charles Schumer (National Journal, 04/13/2009)

    "One key area where improvements are necessary, and possible, is the modernization of our voter registration system."
    Robin Carnahan (D), Former Missouri Secretary of State and Trey Grayson (R), Former Kentucky Secretary of State (Roll Call, 03/10/2009)

    "A system of automatic registration, in which the government bears more of the responsibility for assembling accurate and secure lists of eligible voters, is a necessary reform."
    Then-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (New York Times, 11/06/2008)

    "The single most important thing that Congress can do right now is create universal voter registration, which would mean that all eligible voters are automatically registered."
    Rosemary E. Rodriguez, Former Commissioner, U.S. Election Assistance Commission (New York Times, 11/06/2008)

    "By linking these voter databases to other state agencies—the DMV, the post office, tax rolls, felon lists, death records—the potential to reduce fraud and and prevent [eligible] voters from being turned away is tremendous."
    Then-Senator Barack Obama (Keynote Address, Launch of AEI-Brookings Election Reform Project, 02/08/2006)

    "Automatic voter registration is the way to go."
    John Tanner, Department of Justice Voting Rights Section Chief 2005-2007 (The Indianapolis Star, 7/19/2009)

    Editorial Support

    "So, it's time for Congress to fix [voter registration], [...] to encourage states to to automatically register citizens [...]."
    —Editorial (Roll Call, 06/29/2009)

    "The U.S. needs to make modernizing voter registration a top priority."
    —Editorial (Baltimore Sun, 06/22/2009)

    "The larger answer to low registration rates is to enact laws requiring universal voter registration."
    —Editorial (New York Times, 04/10/2009)

    "The most important change Congress can make is to require universal voter registration."
    —Editorial (New York Times, 03/17/2009)

    "It is clear [...] that the cumbersome, paper-based system of voter registration needs to be overhauled."
    —Editorial (Washington Post, 03/16/2009)

    "One simple change would solve several problems that have bedeviled recent national elections: universal voter registration."
    —Editorial (Boston Globe, 11/14/2008)

    "[I]t's time to rethink another vestige of an earlier era—voter registration system that not only prevents people from voting but causes myriad troubles for election officials."
    —Editorial (Washington Post, 11/08/2008)

    "Beyond this, the country should start to debate the idea of 'universal voter registration.'"
    —Editorial (Christian Science Monitor, 10/22/2008)