Redistricting Reform Tracker 2017 (State Bills)

With the 2017 legislative sessions in high gear, nearly 150 bills addressing redistricting procedures have been introduced in states around the country that would change – and in some cases significantly overhaul – how redistricting is done after the 2020 Census, now less than three years away.

Our state reform tracker shows states where lawmakers have filed redistricting reform proposals. These bills include:

  • Bills in 25 states that would adopt some form of a commission (advisory, backup, or independent) to draw congressional and/or legislative districts;
  • Bills in 19 states that would explicitly prohibit districts lines from being drawn with the intent to favor or disfavor a political party or incumbent;
  • Bills in 15 states that would ban the use of political data to draw districts. 
  • Bills in 22 states that would create or clarify the criteria to be used in drawing maps, such as requiring preservation of communities of interest; and 
  • Bills in 21 states that establish requirements for public engagement in the redistricting process.

Click on a state to see the bills filed through September 5, 2017. As legislative sessions proceed, we'll update the map to add any new bills.

For a listing of proposed federal redistricting reform legislation, visit our Congressional Bills Reform Tracker

Where Redistricting Bills Have Been Introduced in 2017

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Where Redistricting Bills Have Been Introduced in 2017

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