Writing Reform 2004: Chapter Downloads

November 4, 1987

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Writing Reform: A Guide to Drafting State and Local Campaign Finance Laws

Deborah Goldberg, ed., Brennan Center 2004


Part One: Principles of General Concern
Chapter One: The Constitutional Framework: Buckley v. Valeo
Chapter Two: Drafting Laws to Survive Challenge

Part Two: Drafting Specific Campaign Finance Reforms
Chapter Three: Financing Candidates’ Campaigns
Chapter Four: The Financing of Political Organizations
Chapter Five: Limits on Campaign Spending
Chapter Six: Limits on Independent Expenditures
Chapter Seven: Campaign Advertising and Issue Advocacy
Chapter Eight: Reporting and Disclaimer Rules
Epilogue: A Note on Local Legislation

Part Three: Appendices
Appendix A: Chapter-By-Chapter Table of Cited Cases
Appendix B: Lay Person’s Guide to Federal Circuits
Appendix C: List of Cited Articles and Books
Appendix D: Selected List of National Organizations Offering Resources for Campaign Finance Reformers