Key Decisions in Felony Disenfranchisement Litigation

November 4, 1987

This document pulls together key federal and state decisions in felony disenfranshisement. Cases range from Supreme Court decisions like Richardson v. Ramirez to state court cases like Fernandez v. Kiner. Thirty-three decision in all are listed and summarized.

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United States Supreme Court

Richardson v. Ramirez
O'Brien v. Skinner
Hunter v. Underwood

Federal Court

Federal Court, 2nd Circuit
Baker v. Pataki
Green v. Bd. of Elections

Federal Court, 3rd Circuit
Owens v. Barnes
NAACP Philadelphia Branch v. Ridge
Stephens v. Yeomans

Federal Court, 4th Circuit
Howard v. Gilmore
Allen v. Ellisor
Perry v. Beamer
Thiess v. State Administrative Bd. of Election Laws

Federal Court, 5th Circuit
Cotton v. Fordice
Williams v. Taylor
Shepherd v. Trevino
McLaughlin v. City of Canton
Murphree v. Winter
Texas Supporters of Workers World Party Presidential Candidates v. Strake

Federal Court, 6th Circuit
Wesley v. Collins
Tate v. Collins

Federal Court, 7th Circuit
Jones v. Edgar

Federal Court, 9th Circuit
Gage v. Hawkins

Federal Court, 10th Circuit
Woodruff v. Wyoming

Federal Court, 11th Circuit
Hobson v. Pow
Beacham v. Braterman


State Court

California State Court
Flood v. Riggs
Ramirez v. Brown

Montana State Court
Emery v. State

New Hampshire State Court
Fischer v. Governor

Oregon State Court
Chochrek v. Cupp

Pennsylvania State Court
Mixon v. Commonwealth
Martin v. Haggerty
Washington State Court
Fernandez v. Kiner