An Agenda for Americas Voters: Election Reform in the 110th Congress

February 15, 2007

Our Constitution promises every eligible American an equal opportunity to participate in the political process. Unfortunately, defects in election administration and systems undermine that promise by disenfranchising countless eligible Americans every election cycle. These defects can be remedied, and the promise of democracy restored, by implementing real reforms to ensure that all eligible Americans have a fair and equal opportunity to vote and to have their votes counted. This document presents a comprehensive reform agenda to achieve that goal.

This agenda is the product of years of research and experience by the civil rights, voting rights, civic participation, and progressive advocacy community. Our collective experience, research and efforts to protect voters have created the most complete record of the problems voters face as they attempt to register, vote and have that vote counted. The following recommendations are designed to address those problems, to promote the integrity of elections, and to ensure that our electoral process serves all American citizens.

The undersigned organizations support this overall agenda for reform. Nonetheless, individual organizations may not have taken a position on every one of the proposals below; each organization should be consulted individually about its position on particular subjects. We offer this document as a comprehensive vision of how to honor America’s voters.