The Sunshine State Must Adhere to all Federal Laws Protecting the Vote

June 12, 2012

The Department of Justice announced its intent to take administrative action against Florida's defiant voter purge. Last week, Florida’s Secretary of State indicated the state would not suspend its voter purging efforts, despite a warning from the Department of Justice that it may violate federal law.

The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law released the following statement:

“The Department of Justice is following its mandate under the law to protect voters' rights. Florida's purge, so close to the election, and its defiance of federal voting rules and processes, opens the door to errors, confusion, and the removal of eligible voters,” said Wendy Weiser, Director of the Democracy Program. “All eligible voters of Florida deserve the opportunity to exercise their right to vote without having to jump through fabricated administrative hoops. The Sunshine State must adhere to all federal laws protecting the vote.”  

Watch Brennan Center President Michael Waldman discuss the Florida purge. For more information on Florida’s voter purge, read this op-ed from Brennan Center Senior Counsel Myrna Pérez.

Also read Ms. Pérez’s study on voter purges. For more information, visit our Election 2012 page.

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