Meghna Philip

Former Research Associate

Meghna Philip was a Research Associate in the Justice Program at the Brennan Center. She worked on efforts to end unnecessary incarceration, specifically advocating against the rise of new debtors’ prisons incarcerating those who cannot afford to pay fees and fines associated with their involvement in the justice system. She also worked on expanding economic opportunity, specifically by ensuring access to justice for homeowners affected by the foreclosure crisis.

Prior to joining the Brennan Center, Meghna worked at the Vera Institute of Justice, analyzing national trends in prison and community corrections, and researching program alternatives for people facing criminal justice debt. She also worked on advocacy and research efforts to expand post-secondary educational opportunities for incarcerated people, at the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice at Harvard Law School.

Meghna holds a B.A. in International Relations from Brown University, where she coordinated student efforts to expand access to housing for low-income and homeless communities in Rhode Island.



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