Julia Bowling

Research Associate

Julia Bowling is a Research Associate in the Brennan Center’s Justice Program, where she focuses on the costs of mass incarceration. With experience using economic analyses to explore the impact of incarceration on employment, Bowling assists with analysis and policy research. Bowling joined the Justice Program in June 2013 after completing her B.A. in Economics and Environmental Studies at Oberlin College. There, she conducted research on the challenges faced by the formerly incarcerated in the labor force and used econometric modeling to demonstrate the benefits of investing in reentry programs to reduce recidivism. Previously, she served as an intern at Causa Justa, where she worked to increase low-income tenants’ access to housing rights and resources. Bowling focuses on research documenting the true economic and societal costs of mass incarceration including its effects on individuals, communities, and the country. She also works to bring this economic analysis to support pending state legislation to transform the criminal justice system.