Amos Toh

Katz Fellow

Amos serves as Katz Fellow and Counsel at the Brennan Center. He works mainly with the Liberty and National Security Program, which seeks to ensure that our government respects fundamental freedoms and human rights in conducting the fight against terrorism. Amos is co-author of Foreign Law Bans: Legal Uncertainties and Practical Problems, a joint report between the Brennan Center and the Center for American Progress about an anti-foreign law movement led by anti-Muslim hate groups. He has represented the Brennan Center as a NGO observer during the 9/11 trials at Guantanamo Bay, and contributed commentary on national security issues to The Guardian, Salon, The Advocate and The Huffington Post

Amos received his Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honors (summa cum laude) from the National University of Singapore Law School, ranking first in his class. He also graduated top of the Traditional LL.M. program at NYU School of Law, receiving the George Colin Award. He was previously a research fellow at the NYU Center for Constitutional Transitions in New York and the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance in Beirut, working on constitutional design in the Middle East.  

Follow Amos on Twitter @AmosToh.