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A New McCarthyism?

Donald Trump’s “Commission on Radical Islam” has stirred fears about religious discrimination. It must be vigorously resisted as a threat not only to American Muslims, but all Americans who dread a return to McCarthyism.

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The Trouble with Jeff Sessions
In recent years, we had a Justice Department that stood up for the Constitution. Now we worry that the Alabama senator will undo that progress. 
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The Top 5
When Will Progressives Make Democracy Reform a Top Priority?

The Electoral College, redistricting reform, money in politics, voting: what does the road ahead look like?

Privacy in the Trump Era

The Founders fought a revolution to protect privacy and freedom of speech. Neither changes in technology nor changes in leadership should undermine those values.

Clemency Is Now Critical

President Obama must aggressively expand his administration's commutation program, especially for people serving time for low-level drug offenses.

Drain the Swamp, Indeed

Can Donald Trump live up to his promises of ethics reform? 

Voting Problems in 2016

The data isn’t fully in yet, but ample evidence shows long lines, malfunctioning machines, and confusion over new requirements created big issues on Election Day.

Featured Event
Film Screening: Rikers

Please join the Brennan Center and the NYU College of Global Public Health for a luncheon screening of the powerful new Bill Moyers documentary, RIKERS, and a provocative panel discussion to follow, exploring the crisis of incarceration in America through the stories of those who’ve been imprisoned there. RSVP here.

Featured VIDEO
"America the Beautiful" by Christopher Jackson

At the Brennan Center’s annual Legacy Awards Dinner on November 15, Hamilton’s Christopher Jackson sang a rousing rendition of “America the Beautiful.” The Center honored Jackson for the extraordinary public service provided by engaging audiences young and old in sharing the story of American democracy. We also honored Toyota’s Sandra Phillips for her visionary leadership and demonstrated commitment to building diversity in the legal profession.